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What’s going on music producers, it’s Curtiss King of airbit.com. Here today to discuss one of your specific questions about driving traffic to your beat store. Let’s talk about it.

Music producers, there was a great question left by a KayDee Pro. He specifically asked about going a little bit more into detail about how do you drive traffic to your producer beat store, specifically your airbit store. Now, there’s a few different ways you can go about this. You know, but what I always try to tell music producers, especially in my consultations is that, before you focus on getting just any traffic, you need to understand first of all, what is your demographic.

When you understand what your demographic is, what age group they are, what kind of financial space they are in, when you start to figure out their level of education, when you figure out if it’s predominantly male or female. These clues help you to understand where you should be trying to get the story of your music, or the advertisement of your music in front of. So, for starters, before we start deciding how to drive traffic, I can tell you cheap ways to drive traffic, but that’s not gonna benefit you, if none of those of people are actually buying. I believe the second part of this question was more so, and there’s a lot of you who asked this, not just KayDee Pro but, you asked about you know, how to convert these visitors into leads.

Well, here’s the thing about it, you can end up solving two problems in one, specifically by making sure that you’re falling in front of people who actually are into the type of music that you’re making. So, for instance if you say, I wanna just drive traffic to your hip hop, so you make a really like lo-fi hip hop sound and you know it’s really smooth vibes, but you’re attracting people who are you know fans of rappers who are like super hyped up and super turnt up and they just not on the same wave length, they’re not on the same energy level. So, them coming to your page is actually not beneficial to you. So, a lot of you may be experiencing a lot of spikes in numbers, because maybe you paid for specific advertisement on airbit, maybe you paid for specific advertisement on other website but you’re just seeing a bunch of foot traffic but nobody’s actually buying from you. Well, that’s probably because you know, besides all the things that it could be within your website, it’s probably because nobody is looking for, not nobody, but that specific demographic is not looking for your music.

So, when it comes to driving traffic, you know I think that without a doubt, a no brainer is to definitely jump on your social media, but I think it’s more than an approach how do I just share my link and get people to come there. You want people to make the decision, you want people to at least to feel like they made the decision to go seek you out. You know, a lot of the times, we just put our links out there and just leave it for anybody with money to come to us, we don’t want just anybody with money because somebody with $14 is gonna try to haggle you down from your MP3 lease which may be about 24, they might try to haggle you down. You don’t want just anybody, you want a certain quality of customers. When it comes to driving traffic using social media, this is typically my approach.

First of all, I suggest that you go purchase a book by Gary Vanderchuk called Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. It basically sets you up to create content that he calls native content for every one of these particular social medias. Now, when you think about somebody who speaks a native language, they’re basically someone who is familiar with the language that is being spoken in general. So, you have to understand, every single social media, from Twitter to Instagram has its specific language that is already embedded for them to basically hear your message clearly.

For instance, Instagram, if you were to guess the language of Instagram, what would you guess it would be? Photos, correct? So, if it’s photos that you’re telling a story through, have you ever noticed that the posts that get the least amount of engagement, the least amount of likes, happen to be photos with a lot of text on there? Because people don’t go to Instagram to have a Twitter experience, they don’t speak the language of Instagram so that you can come in here and you know, kind of obstruct their timeline by putting your long rants from Facebook on, as a screen shot on Instagram. That’s not the way you use it natively. You know, you have to really understand, and a good general rule of thumb is, what gets your attention is typically going to get other people’s attention, at least the people who are most likely to identify with the kind of music that you make or the kind of lifestyle that you live. So, look for the things that get your attention, is it memes, is it videos where you see a producer sitting in front of an MPC and like the guy, I forget his name but a guy who’s always smiling on his MPC, it got my attention. I was like, this guy’s always smiling, that’s dope. Let me go check his music out. His music ended up being sort of an extension of that smiling you know, producer who just comes off as supremely kind. His music comes off as like really great vibes and great stuff to listen to. That came because he learned the rules of how do you attract attention in the correct way on each social media.

Look, you don’t have to be a social media specialist. But you should be studying the people within your friends’ list, even some celebrities, some celebrities who obviously have PR companies. You’re not studying the celebrity, you’re studying the PR company, right? And when it comes to actually driving traffic, you know, you have to find some kind of way to start a conversation through the vehicle of your content right. So, what I do is for instance, I had a time where there was this viral video going around where basically it was these kids singing in a choir, it was like that, “now watch me superman”. I said you know what? What if I flipped that, jump on Instagram, kind of do a one-minute video showing my behind the process, behind the beat process and then at the end of it, show the end result and then ship the link off to my website and I didn’t have to deal with any kind of sample clearing, cause obviously it was just these kids that were singing in this viral video. I did that and it drew me so much traffic to where people were like yo, you killed that sample. Do you actually have like a beat store? Rappers were coming to it. Even producers were like yo, that snare you used was crazy, do you have any kind of construction kits or any kind of drum kits.

So, then here I am now, drawing traffic in, very organically and not me trying to basically just find a website that I can blast my beats on and put up an ad. Here’s the thing about it, we’re all exposed to hundreds and hundreds of ads per day. If you’re driving on the freeway, if you’re looking online, we’re exposed to so many different ads, what makes you different? You know, what is going to start a conversation that makes somebody say, man, hey did you see that one video where the producer basically took that video of the kids singing and aw man, I forget the producer’s name but man, I’ma try to look it up for you. In the midst of that person looking up for you, they’re basically becoming your representation, almost like your street team in a sense.

You know, so think of creative ways outside of just you know, basically obsessing over sharing your link. That’s not enough. You gotta be very creative. Jump on Twitter, jump on the hashtag conversations, you know, if you’re a funny individual, you need to be sharing your sense of humor within your particular tweets because if people are attracted to your sense of humor. I’m sure that since music is an extension of who you are, there is some of that in there. Whether it’s a brashness, whether it’s you know, just an outlandish personality, all these things are coming through, through your music and you have to you know, it’s almost like shaking somebody hand. When the first time you meet somebody, you’re typically not telling them, you know, hey my name is Lonnie, what’s your name? I’m music producer dot something, something, dot com. And that’s the way that ya’ll come at a lot of people online, you know completely ignoring the facts that they don’t know who you are. They have no reason to care, you know, start the conversation up.

A lot of times driving traffic is not such a direct effort, a lot of times it happens as a byproduct of you creating so much noise through creative content, what I like to replace the word content with is messaging. Creative messaging that just varies up their particular experience when it comes to being on social media. People don’t want to leave their social media. You better give them a hell of a reason to leave and if you can you know strike them where they’re most passionate, if you can get them laughing, if you can get them feeling something they weren’t expecting to feel when they turned on that particular app of their phone. You can be using that to leverage and drive traffic to your website. What this means for a lot of producers, you gotta come out your shell. I know a lot of us like to hide behind our logos, you can’t do that in 2018, from here on. You can no longer do that, you gotta come out that shell, you gotta show us who you are. Show us the things that we should know about you and we’ll be more interested in visiting your website. 

Music producers, if you have any ways that you think you can help KayDee Pro drive traffic to his particular beat store, please share it in the comments below. We definitely love to hear your comments and see the engagement. That’s the only way the community grows. 

Once again, this is Curtiss King of airbit.com. Have a good one. 

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