We’re tired of giving away free beats to artists who may not often (if ever) buy beats from us. There are good reasons however to give away free beats but we’re not going to get into that now. I want to tell you about how you can find paying artists on Soundcloud & Soundclick.


Soundcloud puts a red star and/or blue star next to the names of users with a paid account. These stars mean that the user is paying monthly or yearly to have a Soundcloud. This shows that an artist in willing to invest into his music and therefore likely to purchase beats. You can find a list of artists by searching through Soundcloud Groups. Search Groups such as “Rap Artists” “Unsigned Artists” or “Rappers”. You’ll find groups with thousands of artists that you can Follow with just one click.


Soundclick charges you $10 a month to have a VIP account. Serious artists will never settle for the boring basic free Soundclick layout page. So if you go on an artists page on Soundclick and you see graphics, he’s paying for a VIP account. You can find artists on the Soundclick charts or on the forums.

Facebook (Bonus):

Facebook is a little tricky because of their privacy settings. However, if you find an artist on Facebook sometimes using basic observation can help you determine if an artist has money by what they revile on Facebook. Do they have professional photos? Professional mixtape or album covers? Although not as practical as Soundclick and Soundcloud, keeping a look out for these things can help you find paying artists Facebook. You can find these artists in Facebook Groups.

If you’d like to confirm if an artist has money, you can send them a messaging on Facebook. After a couple break-the-ice questions, ask them something like “So where do you work at man?” if they say nowhere or not a clear answer, then you can make the fair judgement that they may not be buying beats anytime soon.

There are more ways to find paying artists online but for the sake of simplicity, try these strategies first and come back for Part 2 coming soon.



*Beats4Real is a private group of producers on Facebook focused on creating new innovative ways to sell beats – Join us here: http://group.beats4real.net