In the following article I’ll tell you the best ways, about how you, as an Artist/Rapper/Singer, will be able to get your music heard by Industry People! Before you can do all these things though, you will have to make sure that your music is Industry Ready! By “Industry Ready” I mean: If your music gets selected by a radio personality, he should be able to just hit “Play” & let the record be heard. So basically, your music has to be on point, mixed & mastered. Let’s move on…

Before I start telling you all the “secrets, tips & tricks” that I know about in the Music Industry, I’d like to tell you a little bit about me. I’m a Music Producer from Europe. I have been working with Artists & Record Labels all over the world, from the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Spain, Germany & many more countries. The funny/best thing about it: I didn’t even have to get off my computer to get my music heard!

It sounds simple, indeed it is, but it requires hard work. Like everything else you will ever do to make money, you have to be serious about your business. So check out the list I wrote below. All these “points” will work for you as an Artist, because I experienced them myself!

Send out Demo-CD’s/Tapes to Record Labels/A&R’s. It’s true that they literally are flooded with Demos all the time, every day. But guess what: They listen to every single record on the tape. Imagine, if you was an A&R – all you would do all day is listening to music – looking for the next big hit – because that’s your job. Wouldn’t you give every single record a try? Well, A&R’s do so. But there are a few very important thing you shouldn’t forget about when sending out Demos. Make sure that the CD looks great, not a simple plain CD with a handwritten “DEMO”. Get a professional design on your CD. It’s definitely worth! Of course your music has to be on point, otherwise it wouldn’t make sense. Don’t forget to add you contact information (phone number, e-mail address, physical address,…) so they know who to contact. You can collect A&R’s/Record Labels on the web. Just search for “Record Labels Contact Information” or “Record A&R Contact” on Google, you will find tons of contacts.
Get a good manager. This is probably the best & most comfortable way to get your music heard. Why? Simply because the manager will do all the work for you & you will have the time to concentrate on the music. Before you get your music in the hands of a Manager, do your research! A good Manager is a person, who has tons of contacts in the Music Industry & knows what the Industry is looking for. He/She should also instruct you & tell you about the music that will sell.
Collect friends on Social Networks & hope that someone will find you. Sounds funny, right? Well, it’s probably not the best way, but it works! I know one of my artists, who rapped over my beats. He uploaded some simple videos on YouTube. After a few months a guy from Sony contacted him & now they do business together. Simple as that.
There are many more ways to get your music heard, but these are the most effective ones, if you’re an independent Artist. I hope you enjoyed the article. If you have any questions feel free to contact me!