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What’s going on music producers, it’s Curtiss King of airbit.com, here to share with you ways to know if you are ready or if your beats are ready to be sold to the general public let’s talk about it.

Music producers and specifically up and coming music producers, maybe you’re just getting started out, maybe you’re inside your bedroom, inside your bathroom. I don’t know why you making beats in your bathroom, but maybe the acoustics are helping you, whatever the case may be. I get this question from a lot of up and coming producers. Well, how do I know when my beats are ready to be sold? And I think it’s a great question to ask because it plays two different roles.

One’s a negative one, one’s a positive one, the negative one is that when you’re asking this question sometimes it stops you from actually putting your beats out there in the marketplace and figuring out if they’ll actually sell, it paralyses you, the positive of this is that it causes you to start getting in the mind frame of what can I do for my potential customers, you know how can I make beats that will elevate their skill level? How can I make beats that are comfortable for them to express themselves, when you get into that mindset you start to make decisions that even you know, elite producers sometimes don’t make that decision consciously. Some people are just so gifted naturally that they don’t think about the customer in mind and this is why you know you see those individuals in studio sessions with multiple producers because there’s multiple people to bounce that off of, and then you’ll have somebody. I guarantee you in every hit making studio, you’ve got somebody in there, that’s thinking about how these particular forces, the producer, the artist, the engineer, the singer how they are interacting with each other and how they can co-exist.

Now, that is you, you have to be all of that when you are the music producer putting your beats out there for sale, how do you know when you are ready? And I think that’s more important than how to know your beats are ready because here’s the thing about it. I have the ideology that every beat is not for everyone but your beat is first someone, your beat is appealing to someone out here in this world who wants a eclectic, emo, trap beat that 400 beats per minute and has only one snare throughout the whole beat. Somebody wants that, I don’t know who they are but it’s up to you to make your beats available to them.

When I first got started my biggest issue was me. I was standing in my way. I was my biggest obstacle the reason why I didn’t have an Airbit account, or before that it was my flash account or even that I was leasing my beats was because I was afraid. I was afraid I was like look what happens if I make my beats available to the general public and the beats are only thirty bucks for MP3’s . What is that gonna make me look like? What is my reputation in the industry going to be? And what happened was life just started punching me left and right and was like look you better get this thing together, you gotta start making some money off of this music or you going to be working a 9 to 5 real soon. And thankfully, I made the decision to jump into this, matters got very desperate and another Airbit user out here shout out to OSYM, he was my mentor when I first began getting in the leasing business and really you know what I’m most appreciative to him about his that he focused more so on me the individual because sometimes you can jump in the way of your beats being sold.

If you’re not thinking consciously how this beat can be better for my consumer or how can I use my strengths and utilise my strength? What are my strengths? You know figuring that out first of all if I’m not utilising that information first it won’t matter what kind of beat that I’m making because somehow some way that brain of mine is going to see through my decision making and change the way that beat sounds.

So, first things first get your mind into it, get your heart into it, become ultra motivated, whatever it takes, if it takes you  watching these videos, if it takes you watching you know videos of like a Superstar O,  with all his fancy cars and you’re looking at a Tone Jonez and seeing the blessings that come about when you get into this business, do that, if it means watching that Airbit commercial 4 thousand times, my friend you got to do it, get yourself motivated, get yourself energetic, get yourself in the mindset this says look.

I go into this not knowing what’s going to happen, I may lose money yes, I may lose money but if I fail I’m going to enthusiastically jump back on my feet and get back to it again. You got to make that decision first of all get yourself in order, get your mindset in order, get your goals in order you know on the first month you have to be realistic. Is it realistic for you to make four hundred bucks that first month? If you think that’s doable, if you can break it down into numbers, if you can specifically pinpoint what you want you know sometimes we don’t get our goals accomplished because we don’t specifically said a target for our brain to shoot for, our brain will go and get, it will figure out how to do it, they’ll figure out the how but you got to tell it the why. Why do you want to get these particular sales and you got to tell it which, what outcome that you want to have from it, so, if you’re outcome is going to be four hundred dollars in sales this month then tell your brain that, if your why is you know what, I want to do that so that I can pay my car note or so that I can pay my cell phone bill with just selling beats, do that. Your mind will go on to ways of how to do that.

Now, once you get that in order and obviously there’s much more that goes into getting yourself into it, into the right mindset, you got to get your beats there as well. Now, I’m not saying that your beats have to compare to anybody else’s because like I said once again there’s beats out there for everyone that, not even for everyone, your beat is out there for somebody very specific who’s looking for the aesthetic that you have built. It is just up to you to find people who are like that and find multiple big individuals like that and get your beats in front of them on a regular basis, that’s why it’s great that you make your beats available to the marketplace and that you do run ads on Airbit, because you get an opportunity to be in front of people who are most likely to purchase your beats.

So, how to know when you’re beats already you know. I think that when I first started to putting my beats out there, the way that I knew they were ready first and foremost I would show my friends, I would show them and I would show my rapper friends I got a lot of rapper friends and I would show him. Like look, is this a beat that you think you would invest this amount of money into? And they were like yeah, for sure we’ll do that. I said would you absolutely are you sure? And they’re like yeah for sure, I would. If it was your last and you putting a project, together would you? Yes, man I would, and that became sort of my decision making. Something else I would do is sort of a blind test you know I would go to my Facebook and I would sell my friends I would say look I’m gonna drop three beats in my comment section you know tell me which one is your favourite and once people started kinda clicking on them I started understanding from those analytics. Oh, this may be a good beat to put out there into the marketplace because at least my particular demographic is rocking with it.

So you find out from other people and also to, you know you want to make the decision with that beat and figure out OK, are my beats really making the artist better? Or do I need an artist to pull mob beats off of life support, you know if you really feel like you’re beats can elevate somebody’s skill level and really elevate the energy of what they’re trying to evoke through their lyrics. Your beats are ready for the marketplace, there’s somebody out there for it.

Last but not least how do you know you’re beats are ready for the marketplace? You won’t know until you do it, so put your beats out there, if you don’t have an Airbit account man, jump down there and get into the links, get yourself an Airbit account and really put your beats out there, make it known this is what you’re doing. Be confident about what you’re doing. Tell your friends about it, e-mail them, text them, don’t harass them, don’t spam them, but let them know like, look you know. So, you know I got a lot of rapper friends on my time line and once I started making my beats available for lease there were like finally. I was like wait a minute, ya’ll was willing to pay for beats? Yeah man, we just needed to look official. Had me a little mad about that, but I learned a valuable lesson and I hope it’s the same lesson that you learn. You won’t know until you know. So, regardless of anything that I just said in this video, you will not know until you get your beats out there for the general public and you see what it’s all about. 

Once again this is Curtiss King of Airbit.com. Have a good one.