Dear MFS blog readers, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here & there’s a good reason for that (more about that later). I decided to get back & let you guys know about some great techniques & steps to make, so you can get a pretty solid monthly income selling beats online! Let’s get right to it.

As I said, I’ve been away for a good reason. Well, the reason
is that I’ve been working on some pretty crazy stuff lately, real big stuff, that’s also the reason why I stopped selling beats on my website. But something weird happened. Let me tell you this short story:

So I got in touch with some great industry personalities, songwriters, managers, A&R’s. My job as the producer was to make a bunch of songs. Not a big deal for me, since I’m a bit experienced already. 1 Song (fully produced & written) takes about 1 day of work. As you can imagine, after I made a bunch of songs I had a lot (really a lot) of free time.

What did I do in that free time? Partying, drinking, smoking? Those who know me, know that that’s not my thing. Of course I started a few more projects to make EVEN MORE money…that’s my mentality, can’t change it…haha. Anyways. Something crazy happened. As I was trying to make some money some funny ads pop’d up. Of course I closed them, because I hate ads, just like anybody else. But I had that banner in mind all day long, because it said I can make $463,46 (or so) online, all on auto-pilot. Ok, so I had to google that, it sounded too promising to me.

As you can image, I kept digging & tried to get more & more information about making money online by not working at all (meaning all on auto-pilot). So I bought many courses, software & ebooks…just because I was really curious about this whole thing. I can’t tell you how many hundreds of $$$ I spend within a few days, haha, but I don’t regret it to be honest.

Before I tell you the simple method, I’d like to warn you: You will never make money by 100% No Work. There is always a little bit of work you have to do, but once you’re done, you’re on auto-pilot & you can watch the money come in. Simple, but it takes a little effort! Ok, let’s start:

1-Beat Catalog – The very first thing you need is a catalog of beats. I’d suggest about 50 or so. Very important: upload new beats regularly! I always noticed, in the weeks that I didn’t upload any beats to my website, I kept having less & less sales. So keep that in mind. Big question: How can I make so many beats in so short time? I know it’s a lot of work to make 10 new beats every week, but let me tell you a little secret. I’m pretty sure you guys heard about DubTurbo. I know, I know…it’s for amateurs. But guess what: Rappers & Singers who lease beats online LOVE DubTurbo beats. Why? Don’t ask me, I have no idea! I guess it’s the simplicity that attracts them, but you will have guaranteed rapper-friendly beats, when you use DubTurbo. I wouldn’t use it for industry artists, but it’s cool for the young kids, who buy beats online!
2-Website – I know many of you guys hate this part, but you really need a GOOD website to sell beats online. Yes, a website – not a SoundClick page. I know that some of the myFlashStore top sellers sell their beats on SoundClick – yes, but they have something that you don’t have – A HUGE FANBASE. But trust me, you can make way more money than that by having your own website. Everyday more rappers leave SoundClick & buy their beats from websites they find on Google! If you don’t know how to design or code a website, hit me up & I’ll help you. Since you’re part of myFlashStore, I’ll give you a very affordable offer. I’ve coded about 50 websites so far, I can have yours done in 2-3 hours. My contact information is at the very on of this post! Let’s move on…
3-Traffic – What’s a good website without traffic, right? I have to admit, that this is a big pain if you have no idea about it. But nowadays it’s easy – we all have the web & we can use it for research. I’d suggest you check out Underground Traffic Secrets. It’s basically a very cheap way to learn how to drive a lot of traffic to your website & start earning money!
4-Keep your website updated – Ok, this is the last step & probably the most important one. Why? Well, your visitors LOVE to see that you still care about your website & about the products that you offer. They appreciate the seriosity. Just like you – when you buy a bottle of Coke, i’m sure you don’t want it to be a few years old & with dust on it, right?
That’s it basically. Let’s make it clear – you won’t make $300 Million dollars every day using this technique, but you’ll have a solid & regular income by exactly following the steps. I’ll post a lot more in the future, because I learned so many techniques & tricks that can be done on the internet – you can’t even imagine how huge the internet marketing is right now, but I’ll reveal some of the knowledge every time I post on here.

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