How to Make a Website to Sell Beats

Guest post by Adam Percy, Senior design and support technician at Bandzoogle

Unlike other musicians, being a beat maker/producer is more than just being an artist or creative individual–you’re also in business. So promoting your brand and products while maintaining a high profile on the web is critical. 

A website, like with any business, is your company’s corner of the internet. Not only is it the point-of-sale location for your customers, it’s where new clients will get their first impressions, where you display your online branding, is a point of contact for clients, and where you can get the most information about customers to improve your sales.

So, having a site that showcases your branding as well as your beats is really important if you’re serious about sales. With that in mind, check out the tips below for designing a professional website to sell your beats online.

Start with design, and keep it simple

When you look at any of the best business sites, you may notice that their designs are simple. Usually there are a few areas these sites tend to focus on that make a big design impact, with a few colors for pages and text that tie to their brand. 

There’s a very good reason successful businesses do this with their sites: Designs like this ensure that visitors are initially ‘drawn in’ by a solid visual representation of the company, like a header or logo. These visitors also immediately associate the color palette on the pages with the company branding. 

In other words, it makes the company memorable, and it ensures everything is easy to read and navigate.

As your site will represent your visual brand on the web as well as the beats you make, it’s particularly important to use professional images in the site header. This could be of your studio space, or of you in the studio.

Another option is to use stock imagery. Many photography websites provide high-quality stock images for free, but if using stock images, be picky. You’re showcasing your business, so make sure the images you use represent that as best as possible. You’re a unique producer, and your images should reflect that.

Add a logo

With Bandzoogle, you also have the option to add text or a logo over your header image. If you have a logo, be sure to use a ‘PNG’ image file. PNG images support ‘transparencies’, so when it overlays your header, you’ll be able to cleanly see the image behind your logo.

Keep colors and fonts simple, too

The most effective logos for any business are simple and memorable, and the rest of your site design should be no different. Try to limit your site colors to one primary, one secondary, and one complimentary color, and one or two fonts for your text and titles.

Home is where you make your first impression

Your homepage and what you choose to put on it is super important. It’s your first impression with new visitors, and Google puts a high priority on it, so it’s key for good search results.

Add a call-to-action

As mentioned, a professional-looking header is important–it needs to look as good as your beats sound. Another important feature for this area of your site is called a “call-to-action header.”

With this feature, you can add descriptive text and a link button right in the header to direct visitors to get on your mailing list, or buy your latest beats. The header area is the first thing visitors see, and a call-to-action there can be a powerful tool to generate more sales.

Showcase your beats, collect emails

Speaking of your mailing list and your latest beats, these should be on your front page as well. Make it easy to make sales from your customers by putting your best beats forward to listen to. 

Email is still the most effective way to stay in touch with your customer base, so an option to get on your list should be readily available.

In fact, your mailing list can be so powerful, it can actually be monetized. Check out this blog post for more information from producer and Bandzoogle member on how you can make money from your mailing list.

Add a short bio

Google places a really high value on your Homepage. Like your visitors, it’s the first thing they look at so it’s key that the right information is on it.

Google can only index text, so be sure to include a short one-paragraph blurb about yourself, your company, location, and production style.

Provide a bio and background

While looking professional is important, what you say on your site is just as valuable, particularly on an About page.

Details like this can inform your customers about where you’re from, your style, influences, and provide a more personal connection between the producer and the artist.

For any producer bio, along with some personal details, it’s really key to include a short but comprehensive list of artist collaborations, high profile productions, and career highlights.

Not only does this show that you’re a serious producer, but it will help to associate your work with these artists, and improve your search relevance.

Give them what they came for: beats!

No matter if you’re selling or providing free beats, you definitely need to showcase your full catalog of music on your site. It’s important that:

  1. You provide as many as you can for preview and download on your site
  2. You present them in an organized way

Using Airbit’s embeddable beat stores, you can preview and sell your beats right on your website. You can also customize the look so it perfectly matches your design. 

In fact, Bandzoogle and Airbit teamed up to provide an Airbit feature, so you don’t even need to sling code. You can simply connect your Airbit account to Bandzoogle to start selling your beats right from your website, and it will automatically match your site’s design.

Show customers with video

If a single picture is worth a thousand words, then video… well, let’s just say you can cram a lot of words into them! Video is a powerful promotional tool that allows you to really show the power of the music you produce.

If there are artists who have used your beats in their videos, these should definitely be showcased on your site. Videos of other artists can provide a ‘context’ and ideas to your customers of how your production can work in their own ‘bigger picture’.

If you’re a little video savvy yourself, consider what a lot of beat makers and producers have done and develop your own online videos. 

These can be short ‘behind the scenes’ videos of your studio, hardware, and software tools, or even your own reviews / tutorials of these tools online. This will not only provide a more personal connection with potential customers, it’s also a really great way to boost traffic to your site.

As well, self produced ‘promotional’ videos not only highlight your sound, but can allow you to cross promote with clients and artists you’ve worked with. It’s a solid way for potential new clients to both see and hear the quality of your work, and generate more sales.

Make it easy to get in touch

It goes without saying that you should make it clear and easy to get in touch with you. Your site should always have a clear link in the site menu that visitors can click should they have questions or need assistance with your product or service.

You should also make sure that you have links to other properties on the web that you manage – Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

And as mentioned before, your mailing list can be really important for your promotion. So on your contact page, it’s a good idea to provide a list sign-up option as well, in case your visitor missed it on your Homepage.

Hub and spokes

While promoting on social media and through other avenues is necessary, all of the tips above really emphasize one thing – that your own website is the most important place on the web for your business.

In a nutshell, how you run and promote your beats online can be looked at like a wheel – your site is the hub, and all your other properties like your social media are your ‘spokes’. Without a solid hub enforcing your brand and being the point of sale, the wheel can’t turn.

Bandzoogle makes it really easy to build a solid hub for your beats, and provides a lot of options to sell them effectively. But you don’t have to take our word for it, you can check out some examples of really great beat websites here.

Adam Percy has been a producer and electronic musician for over 25 years, and involved in web design for 15. Aside from working with Bandzoogle, he also has his hands in several musical projects, and has an expensive penchant for collecting old drum machines and synthesizers.

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