What’s going on music producers, some of you have asked questions, very specific questions about how to provide more value in your email list so that you can ultimately do what you wanna do and just sell more beats. We’re gonna talk about that right now.

Music producers, I got posed a question on Facebook, on the Airbit Facebook page, which you should definitely go like by the way. But, there is a David, and I don’t wanna butcher your name but I believe it’s Habicht Music. We’re just gonna call you David for right now, from Facebook. He said, you know, basically how do you provide more value for through your email? I’m assuming this is providing value through your email for the sense or for the sake of selling more beats.

You know, cause I always tell producers, especially in consultations, especially in these videos is that, you gotta do more, a lot more than just say hey, subject line, I got 4 new beats. Why? Because you’re not the only producer that these rappers or singers are signed up to. And here’s the issue with it, is that, if they’re signed up to you and everybody else is saying the same thing, more than likely, they’re ignoring everybody at the same time. So, what you have to do is you have to strike yourself, you know, to be very, very different. You have to aggressively separate yourself from the herd of other producers who are saying the same thing. So, when you start to think about ways that you can provide value. Well, think about the ways that you actually are valuable, aside from a music producer. A music producer is just one thing that you do. But, I’m sure there’s something that you have, whether it’s a gift for gab, a gift for entertainment, a gift for spreading information, a gift for being a specialist about something in your particular field that appeals to rappers. Figure out what that is and share that and what happens is, you sorta use a technique that pulls them in and it becomes bait, so that they give your beats an opportunity.

You know, before they wanna reinvest money into you, before they wanna even invest money into you. You gotta make them know, what is the value of them investing with you over anybody else. And have you ever asked yourself that question? You know, what is the value of working with you over anybody else? If you can’t answer that question, you can’t expect your customers to answer than question. So, ways that I think that you can provide value, first and foremost as a producer, as a business man, as a produce-a-neur, as I like to call it. You must keep your eyes and ears to everything that’s going on around you. Now, that doesn’t mean, you gotta listen to every song that comes out, I’m not saying, that’s unreasonable. But, what I’m saying is, there’s certain developments and stories that are within the producer community or even within the hip-hop community, that affect us all. You have an opportunity now to be sort of a bridge or even a, how can I put it? Pretty much a bridge between that information and people who maybe work 9-5s that are not having access to the information. Maybe they’re network is not interested in it, but they are. You have an opportunity to literally be sort of a news broadcast to them and what I mean by that is.

You literally can send out an email like I did one time, and this is one of my highest open click rates, which if you don’t know, that’s basically the amount of times or the percentage of emails that you send out that they actually open and start to read your email. You wanna get that as high as possible. Well, the way that you’re gonna do that is not just by being you know, sort or click bait-y with your subject lines, which is definitely a part of it. But, you wanna make sure that you’re providing value and that they know it. If I open up this email, I’m gonna always get something valuable from it aside from just beats, because you have to provide more in 2018, you have to provide more.

So, one of the highest open click rate emails that I did, was, the subject line was ‘is SoundCloud getting ready to shut down?” Now, initially when you see that, you start to think to yourself, is SoundCloud shutting down? As a rapper, you think is SoundCloud shutting down? And then second, you’re like, oh my God, what if it is and third you’re like oh my God, I hope this email has more information about, cause I didn’t know about that. Then they click in there, all you gotta do is provide about 4 or 5 paragraphs, maybe even a hyperlink to an article that they can read in more detail and then in the front of their mind, or at least in the back of their mind. It’ll be, alright I got this. Well, first in the front of their mind, they’ll say I’m glad I got this information and in the back of their mind they’ll say, who provided that to me? Oh, that was Curtiss King. You wanna have a reputation for always being a person of value, always being a problem solver. You know, you could even start making top 5 list within your email. Imagine you said, 5 reasons why rappers struggle to promote their music on Twitter. Subject line, throw it in there. Who would not want to have access to that email, who is a rapper that is currently using social media. It’s your prime opportunity to create something.

Now, you may think like well, I’m a producer Curtiss, I’m not a blogger, I’m not a writer. You need to become more than a producer. In this day and age when producer brands are becoming stronger and stronger and much more prevalent. You cannot afford to be the producer just behind the beat who hides inside of his home studio and never comes out and gets sunlight or never gets food. You can’t be that reclusive anymore because you will be quickly swallowed up by the producers who are willing to get in front of the camera, who are willing to speak up for the community, speak up for themselves and become leaders and I think that they can be you too as well. But, you have to figure out ways that you can provide value. You may even say, you know, the first 10, maybe you do graphic design, you say maybe the first 10 rappers that respond to me, I do one free, you know, one free lyric meme picture for you, you know, just by replying back to this email. Here’s the thing about it, when you do that, you start to build up a relationship one, 2, you start to notify people of this extra service that you provide that maybe they didn’t even know that you provide, and 3, you start to embed it in their brains that I need to come to this person for something. They are a person of value, they solve problems and it could even be another stream of revenue for you down the line.

But, you will never know, until you take a chance on it, until you share something that’s beyond just the reason why they met you. They met you on the basis of you being a producer, I understand that, that’s cool but you can provide value on so many different ways if you do multiple things and if you’re in a situation where you’re just getting started, you think what could I provide value with? You have knowledge by making your first beat that somebody does not have, who’s never made any beat at all that wants to get started. So, maybe you’re saying you know, you document your process of and this is more, I gotta think of how to make this valuable to a rapper, you know. A rapper who’s starting off, can benefit from seeing your sort of philosophy in how do you get to information and how do you weed through the stuff that’s not good? Share that value with another rapper, let them know like, this is how, I started making my beats and how I feel like it could help you start making, how it can start making you know, your songs.

Even like having song writing articles that you come across and saying these are you know, great ways to improve your song crafting. You have to become a fan of your customers in a sense. It doesn’t mean you’re checking out every song but that means that you have to be such a, not even fan but a friend. You just gotta let them know, like hey did you see this? This may be an area of concern for you. You know, I know a lot of you guys are putting your music out for streaming but do you have it available on this particular streaming website? And you may ask, well how’s that valuable. Well, if you’re making more money on this particular website. They may need to know about that, so you may wanna do you know an email that basically says, here’s the money that you make from each streaming service and then you just make that an email. That is tremendously more valuable than just beats. Beats is just a part of what you do. Your brand is you, your brand is your reputation, it’s what you stand for, that is you. Okay? That is forever, no matter what, if you decide to stop producing tomorrow. Your brand should be strong enough to where it can branch off into something else because it is beyond just making beats. I always say your beats are literally just the sound track of the lifestyle that you represent and so if that’s just a background music or an accompany to you know the lifestyle. You need to share this lifestyle. It may be even a fact that you’re into like fashion, maybe you’re into shoes or whatnot.

I’m sure that you could attract or even offer value to a lot of rappers who maybe just saw you as a producer and you say hey, I have a sneaker blog over here that you can go check out. Now, they’re having constant conversations with you. It may be even about sports or about shoes and because you have that constant conversation, now that conversation will translate over to the opportunity that they have to speak with you about music. Now, you’re in the front of their brain instead of just being another thought in the back of their brain. So, when you’re offering value, just think of the things that you do that are uniquely yours, things that come easy to you, but more difficult to others, and just include that in all your content. I think that you’ll go a very long way having that mindset. Now, these are a few of my examples, I think that the producer community that is out there, you should provide some very helpful ways that you think you can our friend here David, try to figure out ways to get more value. Leave that in the comments below. I would love to read that and we would love to see more engagement within the comments, we encourage that.

Once again, this is Curtiss King of airbit.com.

Have a good one.

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