Producers like me have a hard time producing beats with original melodies because we just can’t really play the keyboard well, and so, we sample. But sample beats create problems and even if we try to do original beats, they won’t come out too good right away. What can help solve this problem? I think have a pretty interesting solution.


FL Studio and other softwares allow you to export beats as MIDI files. MIDI files are basically the skeletons of your melodies. If a producer sends me his MIDI file of a piano piece he played, I can then import that melody (switch it up a bit) and use it with a different sound such as a synth or a guitar.

The Idea:

So why not sell MIDI files to producers who only know how to sample? Or to the producers who want to produce more beats in less time. You can let other producers listen to your beats and then choose which beats they want the MIDI files for. Of course, you can also request for your name to be on the credits for the beats.

The Big Question:

But will producers buy your MIDI files? The answer is, yes. In fact, this idea was tested months ago and I’ve sold about 40 MIDI files at $30 each. I actually mainly do sample beats so I didn’t have much MIDI files to sell.

I can see some producers with great keyboarding skills make a living off this idea alone if they can sell to enough producers. Try it out, expand on the idea if you’d like and go make some money!



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