How to send beats to A&R’s and Music Executives

What’s up guys!

Since there are so many possibilities nowadays to send your music to A&R’s and Music Executives, I’d like to share a few important information with ya’ll.

The point where most producers fail is: DO NOT ASK THEM FOR MONEY WHEN YOU SUBMIT BEATS! I know some guys send messages like that: “Ayoo wassup bro? Check this beat out. I’m dope..the hottest producer in the game right now. I’m flamez. Send me 5000 bux if you wanna use this track.” (This always makes my day when I read messages like that 🙂 If you write messages like that, I can guarantee, that you won’t see a cent! You can talk about $$$ later.
Keep it short! A&R’s don’t want to know your whole life story. They don’t care if you ever worked at McDonald’s or if you ever sold dope. A short bio about you & your activities in music is OK.
Contact Information. When you send tracks make sure you add your E-Mail, Phone Number, Address, etc. I prefer to write my E-Mail address in the ID3 tag of the MP3 file, just in case the A&R accidentally deletes the original E-Mail.
Let them know what artist you can hear on the beat(s) you sent. Something like “In the vein of Rihanna, Trey Songz, Chris Brown”. This actually helps the A&R a lot to understand your music.
Send FULL tracks. No snippets or unfinished tracks.
Do NOT tag your whole beat. That’s what A&R’s hate most. It’s like Artists who want free beats for us producers. 1-2 tags are enough.
Probably the most IMPORTANT thing: Send your BEST tracks. Listen with friends to your beats, ask them for their opinion. Get them reviewed by other Producers as well! The beats won’t automatically be hot, just because you like them. Make sure the crowd likes it too, because those are the people, who will buy the final record.
Hopefully it was helpful for ya’ll!
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