Welcome back! Now that you’ve figured out how to Form Relationships with people, we’re gonna find out how to set up your website. It’s pointless spending all that time and effort getting customers, only to have them look at your website and instantly decide not to buy from you.. So..

Think of your website as your virtual equivalent of a shop. You want it to look clean, professional and welcoming to potential customers. In the same way that if you go shopping for clothes, if you walk into a shop and their products are all over the place, the clothes are not presented in any kind of order and the shop looks generally uncared for, you’re likely to turn around and find somewhere else right? And it’s the same with your website

You don’t want to spend all that time and effort getting traffic to your site, only to be let down at the final hurdle because you haven’t taken the care to make your website look presentable


A professional looking website adds value to your business (remember what I said about convincing people your product is value for money?) If someone is going to hand their money over to you they want to know that in return they will receive high quality beats. And they won’t be convinced if your website looks amateur

Making your website look clean & welcoming is not hard at all. What I mean by this is keep it simple. You want someone to visit your site and be able to visit any page without having to hunt for the right section. Yes you probably want a nice HD picture for the background, however, if this obscures simple things like text and buttons, then change it


(example page – www.thecratez.com)

Obviously you’re going to have your myFlashStore Beat Store on the page, so why not offer a few tips? Briefly explain (in bullet points preferably) how to purchase a beat and how each license can be used. This will take no time at all and will save you a lot of time responding to questions. You want your website to give potential buyers all the info they need so the only question they could possibly ask is “which beat do I buy?”

You can (or should?) include an ‘About Me’ section as well. This adds to what I said before about humanising yourself, and if you’ve got some achievements that you’re proud of, this is a great place to show off without seeming pretentious or full of yourself. And again, it provides more information to the potential customer, leaving no unanswered questions in their mind

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re not sure whether to buy something or not, you’re talking to a salesman and they’ve got an answer for everything you throw at them? Then there’s that awkward silence of “well, i suppose I’ll buy it then”. That’s because you’ve got all the information about the product and no reason to say no, even if you’re still unsure about buying it!what-your-website-should-look-like-for-selling-beats

Using Your Website To Get Long-Term Customers

You’ll remember in the last post I spoke about getting long-term, loyal customers. Well, your website is another opportunity to do that. So someone visits your site and buys a beat – great. Now what? How are you going to make sure they remember you and come back to buy from you again? This is where sign up forms become crucial. You’ll want to be providing a newsletter (which I’ve mentioned before, and will cover in full later on) and your website is your best opportunity to get people to sign up

Your website is your personal space – the only place on the internet where your potential customer has no distractions from other companies, ads or people. This is time that’s dedicated only to you. So essentially you can direct them where you want. And you want them to sign up to your mailing list so you can contact them every day, week, month, however much you want. Most producers offer a free beat in exchange for signing up to their mailing list, so make it obvious on your website that this is what you want them to do, and what they’ll get in return. Again, you want to keep your site clean & professional, so maybe a big flashing sign saying SIGN UP is not the best tactic, but there are other ways to make it stand out

First thing’s first – you’ll need a Call To Action. This will be your button that says something like “Download Free Beat”. It may seem unnecessary to tell people what to do, but trust me, it makes a big difference. So you’ll have a small space, maybe to the side of the page where you have a sentence telling them what they get for signing up, a box to input their details, and your call to action. Simple right?

Now, you can accentuate it even more by adding an arrow pointing to it, changing the colour so it stands out from the rest of your page, putting a box around it, etc. but ultimately those kind of things are down to personal preference. As long as you remember to keep it simple, you’ll be fine


Social Proof

Social Proof is a proven way to increase sales, as this shows people that you are a trusted seller. Social proof means showing people that others have already put faith in you and are happy with your service and product. This can be done by adding reviews/testimonials from your customers to your site, showing how many followers you have on Facebook/Twitter/etc., positive Tweets/messages about you, and more

If you’re hesitant about asking people for reviews/testimonials, simply leave a ‘comments’ section at the bottom of the page, then people can write what they want – in fact this is better in some ways, as comments look more natural, whereas some people may be sceptical about video testimonial (‘is that his friend/did he pay them to say that/etc.). If you do have a ‘comments’ section, it’s a good idea to use a Call To Action to encourage comments – e.g. ‘Happy with your beat? Leave a comment below and let me know!’

If someone is on the fence about whether to buy from you or not, that little bit of social influence could be the difference between making a sale or not

On this topic, make sure you have all your social links and contact information available and obvious on your site. So many times when wanting to give a shout out for the #topbeat, I’ve found a great beat, gone to the producer’s website and found no social links, meaning I have to go on a treasure hunt to find out their Twitter handle and Facebook page. This has often resulted in me moving on and choosing someone else instead (there’s a little heads up if you want to be featured as a #topbeat producer in the future). You can have them pretty much anywhere – I think the top is the most effective, but you can place them on the side, at the bottom, even on a separate page in your ‘Contact’ section (which you must also have)


On the flip side, make sure you have your website in your bio on all your social pages as well. It’s all about making the journey from hearing your name to buying your beats as easy as possible. You want these guys to buy from you right? Then make it easy for them!

And that brings me nicely to my next point – Consistency. Keep your branding consistent across all your pages. Again, when making the #topbeat, I find a nice beat, find the producer on Twitter, but it’s a completely different picture (and I mean completely different) and I have no idea if it’s the right guy or not. Obviously there are only so many names that can be used so there are often 2,3,4 producers all with the same name, none of them match the picture on myFlashStore or any of the websites I’ve visited so I must embark on yet another treasure hunt

Facebook & Twitter both have a profile picture and a cover photo, so even if you want your profile picture to be one of you on the beach, or posing with some hottie, there’s no excuse why your cover photo can’t match what you have on your website

And I get paid to do this, so don’t think a potential customer will extend you the same courtesy. If they see your image somewhere and want to buy your beats but don’t know who you are, you can be sure they’ll find someone else to give their money to

It’s a good idea to include a blog on your website as well. In fact, it’s a very good idea. Not only will blogging count towards your SEO (more about that later) but it will also provide valuable information that will draw in new visitors to your site. It’s also a good way to begin relationship building, as you’re building trust with people without even having to reach out – they will be coming to you!

For example, you might decide to write a blog about creating the best sound in your studio. Now if an artist happens to be looking for answers to this question and you’re providing them, then boom! You’ve got a potential buyer on your site, and when they see you sell beats, well… need i say more?

A Quick Word on Search Engine Optimisation/Marketing (SEO/SEM)

It’s important that you keep up to date with SEO tactics as they are constantly changing, and you can go from number one on google to not even on the first page over night (literally)

As a basic intro to SEO (there will be a full post about it soon) you want to make sure people can and will easily find your page, and stay on it. So in other words, if you advertise with Google PPC, Facebook, etc. (yes there will be a post about advertising as well) they must be relevant and accurate. Don’t advertise Hip Hop beats then send them to a page selling R&B beats, as they’ll leave the site straight away and this will harm your ranking, so consider this when planning the layout of your website

So when creating your website, always keep SEO in your thoughts. You’ll want to use your keywords throughout, but not in an overbearing way, as Google can pick up on keyword stuffing and will regard the page as spam-like (so as you may guess, your site will not rank well in results). You’ll need to make sure your pages are titled correctly, and you’re using your keywords in your meta-descriptions (the text that shows up under the link on results pages)

Another quick point to note is ensuring your website works the same across all devices. Don’t spend hours and hours making the perfect website for desktop and laptop only to find out most of your customers are visiting your site on their mobiles/tablets. Numbers vary, but one report suggests that a massive 60% of internet access is mostly mobile. So if you’re not accessible to 60% of your audience, not only are you losing sales, but this will also harm your SEO ranking and make your beats harder to find. So bare this in mind from start to finish

Whilst it is beneficial to employ a pro to build your site, we’re not all able to spend that kind of money to get it done. So check the links below and see how you can do it yourself for free – or at least on the cheap


Thanks for reading, see you next week for “How To Use Social Networks To Market & Promote Your Beats”

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