The time has come. Producers must stand up for fairness. Artists having been taking advantage of most producers’ lack of legal knowledge (and laziness) for too long. Artists have stole beats by recording beats with add-on browser softwares to use our beats without paying.

Artists have used Leasing Rights in ways that go against our policies. Demo Rights and Leasing Rights are one in the same to an artist because as long an artist can download the beat, they don’t care what your policy says. Artists do not take producers seriously. Artists used to be scared of the threat of being sued for stealing beats but since no producer actually does it, artists are starting to disobey policy more often. With producers selling leasing rights for 99 cents and the rest of us not enforcing our own policies, the music production industry is becoming less of value. To make real money as producers and to be taken more seriously we need to enforce our policies on our sites, use the MyFlashstore’s contracts feature and sue artists who go against our policies once and for all. Here’s how you sue an artist…

Go to your local “small claims office”. Search google “your city small claims office”. If you found an artist on youtube or facebook, twitter, reverbnation or soundcloud who is using your beat against your poilcies (and probably against the sites policies), you have the rights to sue them for intellectual property. You will need to report the first and last name of the artist and their address. I’d suggest you sue them for the price of the exclusive rights, so price your exclusive rights high if you’d like. You don’t need a lawyer to sue an artist, you may repesent yourself. Once you’ve filed a case, now you have to build your case by gathering up evidence until the court date.

To find an artists address can be a little trickly but you need it. Try selling them something for $1 and PayPal will give you their info, or you can just threaten to sue them if they don’t pay you the exclusive rights in payments. Tell them that if they don’t agree to pay for the exclusive rights in monthly payments, then you will sue them for the full amount. When they receive this threat, you may not even have to sue them and instead start collecting monthly payments. Before selling beats, you have to make sure that you have your contracts set on MyFlashstore so that there is proof that you have a policy.

If you go through with suing an artist, understand that once that artist gets that letter in the mail, they’re going to contact you and try to settle by giving you some kind of payment for exclusive rights, in hopes that you’ll drop the case. In most cases, you’ll have about a month before you can drop the case.



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