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What’s going on music producers? It’s Curtiss King of airbit.com, here today to discuss how do leasing producers survive when the sales start dropping off in the month of December? Let’s talk about it.

Music producers have no fear, I know, I know, I know. You’re probably looking at some of your first initial sales towards the end of November. You probably ran your Black Friday deals. And you’re probably starting to see, or experience a drop off in sales, and you’re probably starting to get worried, especially if this is your first year of being in the leasing business.

First of all, round of applause, if you just started leasing your beats and this your first full calendar year, I hope if you’re not already living off your beats that you’re at least a step closer. But, what I want to discuss which you and hopefully alleviate some of the worry that a lot of producers experience during this time is, this is a time of the season where I don’t… there’s a few factors that contribute to it. But this is the time or the season where rappers are just not buying beats as often as they do during the year, you know. A lot of rappers even singers too, just human beings in general are focusing their financial efforts towards Christmas presents, towards you know saving up for their nest egg for the beginning of the year, or maybe they’re paying off some debt, or maybe they spent too much during the Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday deals and now they’re feeling like I need to be very, very you know conservative with my money, and you know you can’t fault them for that. For putting their priorities in a different place, you know that’s not to say that buying your beats is not a priority, but if it is throughout the whole year for somebody this is probably the time of the year where they’re focusing on themselves.

So, where does that leave you as a music producer? Is it time to worry? Is this like the Armageddon of beat leasing? No, not at all. What you’ve got to do is use this time you know hopefully not relying on the income, but if you are relying on the income this should help you too. But, you want to use this time to start expanding your business out and really start thinking about people outside of just rappers and singers to service to. I almost said before, but you know start servicing the producers, if you start servicing the music producers by either drum kits, or either you know construction kits you should see you know still a steady flow of income, because you’re appealing to an entirely different you know demographic, or an entirely different group of consumers who are consuming during this time of the year.

A lot of producers are getting gifts, you know so one thing I would say is, could be very beneficial for anybody across the board as a producer is you know maybe you want to start offering some Christmas gift. Maybe you want to start offering even like the opportunity for somebody who’s not necessarily a rapper or a singer, give them the opportunity to have like a gift card from you know, yourbeats.com. You know to allow them to now invest into a gift card that gives them I don’t know a hundred bucks that they can put towards you know a rapper in their life, whether it be a boyfriend, or a girlfriend or you know a older brother, or a cousin. Give them the opportunity to do that.

The thing is you have to jump in the season of things. You have to understand in much the same way that you’re probably being very conservative about your spending and very safe about how you’re approaching this New Year. Other people are doing the same exact thing, but I suggest that you don’t use this time to you know hold back on your marketing, hold back on your advertising budget. I don’t think that’s the wise way to go about it. I think you need to double down now. I think this is the time where it’s the cheapest amount, it’s the cheapest time to be the highest visible. It’s the cheapest time to have the highest visibility. I could have that so much better, but you get my point. This is the cheapest time to have the highest visibility.

So, that means if you want to show up you know what the airbit promotion, maybe you are doing a sound click promotion; maybe you’re doing some Twitter ads, some Facebook ads. This is the time to double down because everybody’s been very conservative. They’re used to people not really you know investing into their products around this time of the year. If it’s not a product that is necessarily needed for a gift, you know you don’t really see too many Christmases where a rapper is being gifted some Curtiss King beats. Oh my God, you shouldn’t have, you know that’s what I was looking for this whole year. I don’t, you know I’ve never seen anybody gift somebody else an exclusive, but that might be an amazing gift. But, that being said you know you just have to realize that, tis the season that people are focusing more on self, more on family, not even self I should say, focusing more on the family which in turn has them take a break from themselves as a rapper or singer. So, you just got to make sure that you supply more things that give you more opportunities for streams of income. This may be a great time to start looking at your number for the year. Maybe start planning this month. If you don’t want to double down, start planning for your January, you know resurgence because when January hits, when February hits, March, and April which is tax season which is the best season of the year. Everything that you did or didn’t do will come back and either haunt you, or reward you. 

Once again this is this Curtiss King of airbit.com. Have a good one.  

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