One of the most sought after additions to Airbit was the ability to offer free downloads in exchange for followers/subscriptions. And so, here it is! This is a sure fire way to increase your Youtube and/or Twitter follower count in your sleep (literally)

Once you enable it, you can sit back and watch as your social presence rises without you lifting a finger!

The Choice Is Yours

We’ve given you 4 options to choose from when giving your beats away. You can exchange them for either a Twitter or Youtube follow, exchange them for an email address to build your email list – or – if you’re feeling extremely generous you can give them away for nothing

You can split test your strategies, choosing to give some beats away in exchange for email addresses whilst giving others away for a social follow. You can set a different one for each beat so you’re not limited to one choice for all your beats!

To do this, all you have to do is head to Dashboard > Beats > My Beats (or click here) select your beat(s) using the checkbox, then ‘Free Download’ from the tabs above and you can select your method from the choices on screen

You’ll need to connect your Twitter and/or Youtube account to swap downloads for social follows

And don’t forget to create your Free Download Agreement to protect your rights

And finally – remember to choose whether your giving away the original mp3 or the tagged version, by clicking the relevant button shown in the image above

And that’s it! Your customers can now download your beats for free, and you can build your social following 24/7!