Integrate your Facebook and Twitter Account

Did you know that you can integrate your Facebook and Twitter accounts with myFlashStore? This is a great feature that will speed up your promotion massively! When you upload new beats, obviously you’re going to want people to know about it right? I bet you’ve been going into your Facebook/Twitter accounts and manually letting people know about this…well not anymore!

When you integrate your Facebook and Twitter account into myFlashStore, you can automatically post new beats to your Facebook Profile, all your Facebook Pages (as long as they’re all under the same Facebook account) and your Twitter Feed!

When you post to Facebook, our SoloStore player will embed directly into your timeline just like a YouTube video, so your fans can listen and purchase the beat right there and then! You can’t embed our players onto a Twitter feed but instead we’ll post a link which goes directly to a page where they can listen and purchase the beat as well!
Integrate your Facebook and Twitter Account

Check it out, this is what it will look like on your Facebook Timeline!

This should speed up your promotion very nicely. So here’s how to take advantage of this really nice feature,

Just go to goto Members->Settings or click here to go directly to your settings. Then take a little peek in the Facebook/Twitter Integration section. Link either your Facebook or Twitter account, or both for maximum promotion! Once you’ve linked the accounts, make sure you go back to the section to check out the different options you have for posting.

Once other added benefit of integrating your social accounts is that you can then log in really quickly to myFlashStore without having type in your login details, just click the Facebook/Twitter icons in the top login bar and it will automatically log you in to myFlashStore.

Really hope you make use of this great feature, get maximum exposure in the quickest time possible!

By Sam | April 27th, 2013 | Integrate your Facebook and Twitter Account