I want to share a new licensing agreement that I’m offering to music producers. I call it “Reselling Rights”. In a nutshell, producers can listen to beats on my music player and choose which beats that would like to buy so that they can resell my beats on their site for Leasing Rights. I sell my Reselling Rights for $29.95 a beat. If you like any of my beats, you can buy them from my myFlashStore player and get a signed contract stating your rights to resell the beats for Leasing Rights. Listen to my beats here: http://beats4real.net

So why is this a good idea for you to try?

It will help your brand name go viral and ultimately get you more customers. The only condition I have on my Reselling Rights agreement is that the producer must put “Produced by Beats4Real” next to the beat title. Producers spend countless hours promoting their beats to artists, so if your beats and your name can be featured in multiple producers website, your brand name will go viral fast.

Here’s another good reason to try this out: You can sell more Exclusive Rights. Producers are allowed to sell my beats for Leasing Rights, but they can’t buy the Exclusive Rights so I still own the rights and the session files. When an artist wants to own a beat that they’ve purchased from another producer who sells your beat, they have to contact you for the Exclusive Rights. And that’s great news! As for the producers selling my beats, they may not be able to sell my beats for Exclusive Rights but who cares when they’re potentially making more money in the long run (sometimes not that long) by selling Leasing Rights over and over again. This is what you may call a win-win situation.

If you’re interesting in reselling my beats, again, you may go to http://beats.beats4real.net – just purchase the beats using the myFlashStore player and you’ll get the beat sent to your email along with the aggreement.

Try it out for yourself and lets all make money together!