Search by Sound: A Better Way to Find Your Perfect Beat

We know that searching for an ideal beat that complements your creativity can be a challenging and time-consuming process. When you search for a new beat or song, you usually need to use search terms or keywords, and the platform will match those with tags, categories, titles, etc. that are associated with their beat or song library. However, platform algorithms and tagging are subjective, often favoring beats by popularity or promotion. Though Airbit’s text search is the most advanced in the industry, keyword searches aren’t the most accurate way to find a beat with a particular sound. If a producer hasn’t tagged their beats appropriately or extensively enough, they may not surface.

This is why we came up with an innovative solution to help you find the perfect match for your project, fast and without the guesswork. It’s called Search By Sound, and it’s the first search tool of its kind that finds beats by the sound you’re looking for. Not by tags, or genres, or popularity, but by the exact vibe you want. How is this possible?

No more keyword searches

Keyword searches on other platforms match a search word or term to tags and categories, but they can’t determine if the result actually sounds like what the buyer is looking for. Airbit’s Search by Sound uses AI to analyze the acoustic signature of a given beat/audio file and finds other beats in Airbit’s library that most closely match the acoustic signature of the given track. This enables Airbit to provide users with search results that are based on accurate acoustic matches, rather than external elements like keywords, tags, and categories.

Every beat is included

Every beat a producer upload to Airbit is automatically analyzed and added to our SBS library. This means that every new beat is searchable by the Airbit Search by Sound technology.

How to search by sound

Simply copy the url of any beat from Airbit, Youtube, Spotify, SoundCloud, or Vimeo that you would like to match. Next, paste the link in our Search By Sound engine and watch the magic happen, as Airbit beats that sound like the original file you provided begin to surface.

Making music more fair

Search by Sound truly levels the playing field for all producers selling beats on our platform. Any beat from any producer that matches the sound you’re looking for will be including in the search results. The new-to-Airbit producer with less than a dozen plays has as much of a chance of their beats surfacing as the 10 million-plays producer.

For artists, this means being able to discover talent on our platform you might not have found otherwise. For producers, this means getting discovered and making sales just by the sound of your music alone. Search by Sound truly lets the music speak for itself. Give it a try now:

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