Introducing The New Infinity Store

The Infinity Store is our brand new Beat and Sound Kit store that’s not only perfect for embedding on your current website, but doubles as a full website too! And its fully responsive design means it’s great for both desktop and mobile. This will automatically be available to all Platinum Airbit members.

Unlike previous stores which are customised from your Dashboard, all your customisation settings for the Infinity Store are contained within the settings cog on the right-hand side of the page, and this is where you will spend a lot of your time deciding on the look of your store. Click here to find out how to customise your store.

Your store will be located at (yourusername)

As with the previous HTML stores, you can create multiple configurations, allowing you to have different versions of your store. This is done by clicking ‘Edit or New Configuration’ and choosing to create a new one or edit an existing one. A configuration is essentially a version of your store, so by having multiple configurations, you are having multiple versions of your store. For more information on configurations, please click here.

If you want similar configurations you can even use the handy ‘Copy Settings from:’ option to load up previous settings.

General settings is where you can add/change your logo + hero image. Your Logo will be displayed in the top left of your page, or the top of your store if embedded, whilst your Hero image is the large banner at the top. The Hero image can be turned on/off on all pages, along with the search bar.

See below for more information on pages.

The default hero image and search bar. You can customise the image as well as the text shown here

In General settings you can also add a sales tracking reference, which will tell you were your sale comes from. For example, if you add the reference Website Homepage to a store, and embed it on your homepage, you will know that any sales coming through with that reference were made in this location.

All Infinity Stores have the capability to show/hide audio visualisation in the play bar. This is a great way to visually engage your audience, but can be turned off in your general settings if it’s not for you.

The visualiser will move in sync with your beats, and can be switched on or off

Click here for step-by-step guides to customising all the General settings


Styles is where you will decide the colour scheme of your page, as well as choosing whether to show shadows, button borders, your logo and menu items (the different pages, as explained below). Customisation options are limitless, as you have control over every aspect of the store. This includes things like button colour, play bar colour, various text colour choices, etc.

To give you as much freedom as possible, you’re not limited to one colour for one item. This means you can set your menu text to one colour, your button text to another and your in-store text to a different one. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Once you’re happy with a style you can export it to save it as a .json file, and this allows you to easily recall a setup if you’ve made lots of changes, or even pass it on to a friend so they can import it to their own store! All you need to do is select Import in your Styles settings and select the file.

Alternatively, if you’re not so handy with design, you can ask someone to create a style for you then send you the .json file – this is a great way to get outside help without having to give out your login details!

The Pages tab is where you decide which pages are available and what is displayed within them. These are displayed as clickable links at the top of your store. Whilst Styles will determine your colour scheme, it’s within the Pages  settings that you will determine the layout of each page.

By default, the Discover Page will be your homepage and can contain featured, latest beats, sound kits, licenses, etc. This of course can be customised to show/hide the different sections, and we think it works great as your website homepage. If you’re using the Infinity Store as your website (as opposed to embedding it on another website) the Discover Page is a great choice to have as your homepage.

On the Discover page you can feature certain beats, which will be shown as large icons. With the largest rotating between 4 beats. You can choose these beats in your Discover page settings, and if no beats are chosen, the latest 4 will be shown.

You now have the ability to showcase your best selling beats by creating your own Chart. This does exactly what you would imagine, and displays your tope 10, 30, 50 or 100 selling beats of the last 7 days.

The Browse page is your full list of beats (by default), so with this set as the first page, this will be the first thing customers see. You can choose to display a custom playlist here instead of your entire catalogue if you want. All other pages will still be available in your embedded store, as shown below. If you don’t want these to be shown, you can delete the pages and show only a list of beats

Remember to click the Responsive option before pasting your HTML code to ensure your store resizes for different screens.


Your Infinity Store shows your licenses as a carousel, and in your Licenses page settings, you can choose which one is highlighted. If you’ve not done so already, you’ll first want to head to your Dashboard to set up your Licenses in the Licenses & Contracts section. Please click here for a full guide to setting up your licenses & contracts.

Not sure how licensing works? Click here for a detailed overview.

The Licenses page will also show any discounts you have available

Sound Kits

The Infinity Store is a Beat & Sound Kit store, meaning you can sell your sound kits from your existing store, with no extra payment or account setup needed!

As with beats, we recommend you add high quality artwork as these look great when shown as large tiles. You can choose whether to display your sound kits as large tiles, or show them in a list via your page settings.

If you want to keep your beat selling business and your sound kit selling business separate you can always create a new configuration and remove the Browse page, as well as any other pages you deem unnecessary and keep this as a Sound Kit store only.

Sound Kits can be displayed as blocks or as a list


By default the Songs page will not be displayed in your store, but this can be added in your Page settings. This is a great tool if you want to promote finished projects, or you are an artist with your own songs to sell.

Songs are uploaded in you Dashboard, and just like Sound Kits you can sell them out of your existing store or create a new configuration for them to separate your business.

Embedding the Store

The store is embedded by copying and pasting the HTML embed code to your website – if you’re already an Airbit member you will be familiar with this. HTML code is code that needs to be pasted into the corresponding area of your website (unless you have a Bandzoogle page, which requires your username only – please click here for more info on that) and is provided for you under the Embed Code tab – you simply need to copy and paste this to your website.

The code in the middle box is what needs to be copied and pasted into the HTML code section of your site

If you want the store to appear in the ‘traditional’ way – i.e. a list of beats – you can change the order of your pages so that Browse is at the top. This can be customised to display a chosen playlist, or your full catalogue, by editing the page’s settings.

Click here for step-by-steps guides to customising your Infinity Store
By Ellis | December 21st, 2018 | Introducing The New Infinity Store