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Music producers, Curtiss King of airbit.com, asking the question, have you ever sat there and said, man is my beat tag pushing away customers? It’s an important question to ask.

Music producers, I had to take a step back a few months ago, as I was thinking about you know, revamping and rebranding myself for the new year as a leasing producer. I wanted to make sure that I was making the best decisions, not just for my business, but also for my customers. One of the things that came to mind was my producer tag, or my producer tags. One of those tags being, why haven’t you paid for this beat yet? That was the producer tag that I created years ago, when I was tired of these rappers stealing my beats and jumping on YouTube and being like yo Curtiss, check this out and I’m like fam, just buy the beat man. Stop rapping over the tag version. So, I made that tag, to get them to feel embarrassed about what they’re doing. However, what I didn’t take into consideration was, what is that doing sub consciously to my customer base? What is that doing to people who don’t wanna steal the beat, who maybe just wanna audition the beat and then buy it. You know, what is that doing for that business as well.

So, this year, what I did, was I removed that tag. You know, so then I thought everything is cool. So, then I had another tag that said Curtiss King with two s beats dot com. And I thought, cool that has my website plus my big homey Murs is doing the tag. That should be great. Not so much. It kinda ruined the vibe and it ruined the bounce of the beats because of the way that all those words coming in just took over the vibe and then I had another one that was very, it was a very old tag and is like, Curtiss King productions. So, I was like you know what fam? It’s time for some new producer tags and you know, I looked at a few different services and I finally found one, I actually went with Chelsea voice tags and I was happy with that one. They provided you know, some sound effect ones, they provided some dry vocals, they provided all the ones that I needed and then what I noticed is that people started asking different questions about the beats.

Instead of saying yo, are you gonna take the tag off when I buy this beat? The questions now became, now like, your use of strings within that beat is crazy, like people are asking more about the production, because the focus is more on the production. The tags are still there to protect my beats. Don’t get it twisted. The tags are there, but it’s less about me trying to just brand, brand, brand, brand tag everything.

You know, you gotta think about you know, you have to figure out ways to finesse the tag in ways that just think about it just recently there was a super bowl, right? Have you notices how many commercials sort of finesse their way into you understanding what brand is behind those? A lot of them don’t do product placement in the first 5 or 10 seconds like we’re used to from commercials. A lot of them will tell us a spectacular story, ease you in and then at the end of it say, ha-ha, by the way this is Coca-Cola, or whatever brand it is that is sharing that commercial. Same thing for you, that’s how the tags should be.

The tags should complement, the tag shouldn’t be like, vibe to the beat, vibe to the beat. Something, something, something.com. I can’t tag to this anymore. I can’t tag, I can’t vibe to this anymore and you’re like. This beat is hard. Why you didn’t pay for this beat though? It’s just very disruptive to the process and you gotta think, rappers experience music in a very emotional way. Singers do too, in that when they listen to it, they’re feeling the energy, they’re getting hyped up, they’re catching momentum and then if that tag comes in and it’s too loud? That’s another thing too, if your tag is way too loud, you’re taking away and you’re stealing that vibe and you’re stealing the show. Just to ensure that nobody steals your beat. That may make some rappers say, I don’t want your little punk beat anyways. You over here with this tagging, I don’t even want your beat no more now, I’m gonna go to somebody else, who does it in a more classy way.

You know, certain people use these tags and think like, oh I gotta do it, cause everybody else does it and it is true, it is a watermark for your particular beats, but let it be a watermark and not let it be this entirely contradictory and conflicting sound that is just disrupting the flow of your beats. Let people enjoy your beats, you know. Let you potential customers enjoy your beats. Can you imagine if you went to go shopping for one of your favourite pair of sneakers and they put a bunch of like, yellow warning tape around the sneakers and it was like, yo, I just wanted to hold it and see how light it is and try it on. Oh, no, no. You gotta buy that first fam, before you do that. That’s what we sound like sometimes, and that’s what I’ve sounded like in the past. Well, it’s a time for a change, it’s time for a change, check your producer tags and just double check to make sure that they’re not turning your customers away. 

Music producers, do you have any tips when it comes to producer tags? Thing that have worked with you, things that have not worked for you? Please share those in the comments below. We encourage engagement. 

Once again, this is Curtiss King of airbit.com. Have a good one. 

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