Good businesses know that joining forces with other good businesses can increase revenue massively. What this means is that two or more businesses combine their products/services/skills/money in order to create a new entity to generate more profit. There are tremendous benefits to joint ventures including (among other benefits), creating profit without developing any new products or services yourself.

How does this apply to you?

You may or may not think of yourself being a producer as a business, but you can apply this strategy to selling beats online too. How? Well one huge strategy is to sell other producers beats for them and take commission. This is a fantastic idea because with very little effort from you, and without you having to create another 10, 20, 30 beats, you can expand your beat library and offer a larger variety of beats to your customers.

Why is this important?

Not many producers have created hundreds, even thousands of beats, so for those producers who haven’t, it can seem a little off putting having such a small selection to choose from. By joining forces with other online producers, you can increase the amount of beats you have to sale, and in turn increasing your profit!

How do I start doing this?

Well first things first, you have to build relationships with other producers. This doesn’t mean spamming people or crap like that, it means building the highest level of trust with people. They need to know that they can trust you selling their beats and paying them their share of the money.

What important things do I need to know?

Most importantly of all, NEVER sell any body else’s beats without that written consent. Not only is this against myFlashStore policy and will get you banned for life, it is illegal and can get you sued for everything you have.

Secondly, if you are offering your beats to other producers to sell for you, make sure you trust them 100% to pay you your share of the money. This sort of venture with untrustworthy people can lead to a lot of disputes and headaches.

I hope you do take this advice and put it into action as i’ve seen it double, even triple some producers profits! I worked for me, and it will work for you.