As we’ve mentioned before, it is in our best interest to cater to all beat buyers: low market and high market buyers.

The truth is that you’ll always have Artists that want free beats, ONE dollar beats, TEN to 25 dollar beats and then there are the artists that will gladly and effortlessly pay you $100 or more for your beats.

This is true for both Leased and Exclusive Beats.

One of the ways in which you can offset the pressures of delivering enough value to justify a $100+ beat is by packaging or offering other items with the beat such as:

– A FREE Beat

– An e-Book

– A Link Exchange on your Website

– A Promo Tweet out to your Followers

These “value-added” items are only scratching the surface on what you can offer in addition to your $100 beats to justify the price especially if you are having internal emotional issues with charging that amount.

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