The great thing about myFlashStore and any other Beat Selling solution is that the sales process is automatic.

All you have to do is MARKET, MARKET, MARKET, MARKET…and….MARKET.

You absolutely have to keep this in mind.

How do you market?

Well, this very post you are reading is a form of marketing as I will share with you a growingly popular website with tips, insights and information on how to market and sell your beats, it’s called SellingBeatsOnline.COM and we also contribute to the myFlashStore Blog.

We usually indirectly promote with FREE marketing such as this post as we are giving away free information that someone, whether 1 or 10 producers will find useful or at least it will give them another boost to keep going! This is called value and is exchangeable for traffic and/or money.

Our blog contributions, forum posts, Twitter tweets and other methods are all forms of marketing that bring in new readers/subscribers and new opportunities to generate income.

Keep in mind that it can also at times get boring or seem useless when spending a lot of time marketing and not seeing equal results. You’ll might tend to stop or worry, but the key is to continually market so that you at least have a snowball effect so that your name/brand eventually gets out there and people are coming to you, in this case for your beats.

That’s about it. So keep on with your marketing and get those beats sold.

To your success,