Latest myFlashStore Updates – Purchases, Facebook Post Previews, Stripe Address Request

I just wanted to run a few updates that we’ve added to myFlashStore to keep you in the loop and make sure you’re getting the most out of the service.

Stripe Address Request

During the first few weeks of us introducing Stripe as an additional payment merchant allowing direct credit/debit card payments, we discovered that some of you required a customer’s full postal address for invoicing purposes. This wasn’t requested from the customer at first because we wanted to make the payment process as quick as possible for the customer so only their name, email and card details were requested.

We know that invoicing your customers is super important so we’ve given you the ability to require the customers full address for Stripe credit/debit card payments. Just go to your Payment Settings on your Dashboard, make sure you’re connected with Stripe and you’ll see the option to Request Customer Address.


This is what your customer will see


Facebook Post Previews

When uploading beats to post your beats to Facebook automatically, you’ll now see a little preview of the post and you can write to your own message before posting. Remember that posting your beats to Facebook means your friends/fans can listen to that beat directly on the Facebook timeline.


Purchases Section

Now you can view your myFlashStore purchases all in one place. If you’ve ever purchased a voicetag, mixing & mastering services or custom hook from us then this will appear under the Services Purchases section. And if you’ve ever decided to buy beats from our amazing selection on the Marketplace then they will appear under the Marketplace Purchases section. This also gives you the ability to download previous purchases too.


We’ll keep these updates coming to ensure we’re providing the best service possible.

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