Lease Pricing/Packages and Exclusive Pricing Tips

I Want To Quickly Give You My Personal Fool Proof Way To Make More Sales With Basic Techniques.

Lease Pricing

Now This Seems To Be A Big Struggle Amongst Producers But Here Is How I Perceive Pricing

*These Are My Opinion Only, If You Do Not Agree Work Around Your Preference

Beginner (0-6 Months)

If You Are Just Starting Out I Would Start Out Around $4.99 – $9.99 With Free Beats Available (Tagged) In Order To Get More Beats Out and To Get A Buzz Going For your Productions.


Intermediate (6 Months – 24 Months)

After You’ve Got Your Name Estabilished (and Assuming You Have No Major Placements) You Will Want To Price Your Beats From $9.99 Up To $19.99 (Depending On Quality and Work Put In) This Is A Very Common Range Amongst Producers Nowadays)

Advanced (24 Months On Up)

Now If You’re A Vet In The Music Production Game (Whether You Have Major Placement Or Not) You Can Play With This Category. Most Producers In This Category Will Charge $24.99 and Up For Beats. This Is Acceptable If You Have A Track Record (ex. Johnny Juliano, Vybe, Superstar O) Myself I Have No Major Placements But I’ve Placed Beats On Many Projects Across The US, Canada, UK, France etc. If You Are The Same You Can Also Place Your Beats For This Price. But Be Careful, The Industry s Being Flooded By Artists Who They Shouldnt Have To Pay For Beats or On Tight Budgets So This Price Range Could Hurt You If You are Not A Consistent Hit Maker.

Lease Packages

Now This Is Where You Make More Beat Sales. I’ve Noticed A Lot Of Producers Not Utilizing This Or Not Being Realistic With the Deals. Now Myself I Sell My Beats For $9.99 Which Isnt Much But It Keeps Customers Coming. Now How I Bank Off This Is Instead Of Making Customers Pay $9.99 For One Beat $19.98 For 2 Beats etc. I Give Them The Option To Pickup 4 Beat and Only Be Charged For 1. THEY BUY LIKE CRAZY! Because All Artists Want To save Money On Beats. I Also Experimented In The Month Of March At $14.99 With The Buy 4 For The Price of 1 Deal and Made Bank. So Its IMPERATIVE That You Use This. Now I’ve Also Seen Producers Who Make Their Deals Unrealistic. 20 Beats For $9.99, 50 Beats For $20 etc. NO NO NO! 90% Of Artists Do Not Look To Buy That Many Beats At A Time, and Especially Not From The Same Producer. So ALWAYS Keep Your Package Deals Realistic.

Exclusive Pricing

Now My Fool Proof Method For This Is DO NOT Put Prices In The Exclusives Column. Why You May Ask. Because If A Customer Inquires About The Price For Exclusives It Gives YOU Room To Barter and Make A Decent Deal. Lets Say A Customer Asks “How Much For The “Hello” Beat?” Now 1 Way To Go About It Is Reply “The Price Is $XXX.XX, But If You Buy Today/This Weekend I’ll Only Charge You $XX.XX” Youll Get The Sale About 75-80% Of The Time If Youre A Good Negotiator. Now If You Dont Want To Use That Option You Can Price The Exclusives Depending On How Long It Took You To Make THe Beat, Whether You Added A Lot Of Changeups and Drops, How Simpe Or Complex The Beat Is Etc and Work Off That.

P.S. If You Ever Need 1 On 1 Help With Any or All of The Methods Above, My Email ( Is Always Open.

— Blue

By Sam | April 7th, 2011 | Lease Pricing/Packages and Exclusive Pricing Tips