We want your beats to be as discoverable as possible, so, as part of our Marketplace revamp we’ve introduced tags, moods and more filter options to help your beats go further. After all – more discovery means more sales!


Moods are useful when customers aren’t sure exactly what type of beat they want to buy, but know what kind of feel they want their song to have. If a customer is looking for ‘Bouncy’ beats and you’ve got these but haven’t set this as a mood, you’ll be missing out on plenty of beat selling opportunities as your beats won’t show

Moods make the customer’s journey more streamlined by allowing them to narrow down the exact type of beat they want to buy, and in turn will help bring in more sales.

We’ve also added tempo as a filter option, so customers can browse beats based purely on the BPM, so don’t forget to add that when uploading your beats!

You can add moods when uploading, or by editing your beats and adding moods now.


Tags have their own search results, and allow customers to confine their search to one topic. Like Moods, if you’ve got #drake type beats but haven’t tagged them, you could be missing out on tonnes of sales opportunities from customers only browsing this category

You can tag your beats when you upload them, or you can edit your beats now to add tags to your existing beats.