Managing Private Beats and Private Playlists on Airbit

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For those of you that are yet to explore the new features of Airbit, one of our favourites is the ability to create Private Beats & Playlists

This means you can save special beats for special customers, giving them exclusive access as a reward for being an email subscriber, high spender, regular customer, etc.

Set a beat to Private on upload and it won’t show in your store. But share that beat with your chosen few and only those who have the link can view/purchase it. Set a whole group of beats to private, add them to their own playlist and boom! You have a whole playlist of exclusive beats that can only be seen by the people you want to. This is a great way to reward your loyal customers/followers

So here’s Curtiss King to explain exactly how to do that

(If you cannot watch video right now, head to this post for a text guide)

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