Grammy Nominated super producers Nard & B join us in episode 115 of the Freegame Producer Podcast! We discuss their work with major artists and independent artists, how they continue to build on their successes, and why having multiple streams of income is so important.

Topics discussed include:

  • Being told ‘you’re an engineer’ and having their beat making hindered in school
  • Working and building a relationship with Future
  • Finding that ‘special something’ with artists in the studio
  • Sending a ‘wildcard’ beat to Migos and it ending up being used for “T-Shirt”
  • Making the beat for the Maino record “All The Above”, and JustBlaze’s input on it
  • Being asked to remove their tag from T.I.’s “On top of the world”, and a discussion on producer credits
  • How sharing information leads to gaining more knowledge yourself
  • The different career avenues available to producers
  • How having an ego can hold you back, and making yourself available on multiple platforms can help your business grow
  • Breaking down what ‘multiple streams of income’ means, and the importance of keeping track of your music yourself
  • Going beyond just registering with a PRO (Performing Rights Organisation)
  • How Nard & B generate more work for themselves by consistently putting out projects
  • How working with an unknown independent artist is just as important as getting a major placement
  • What Trenchwerk is and what it means
  • How they came to produce Curren$y’s up-and-coming EP

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