Nexus 2 Review

Hey Producers! Wanted To Turn You Guys On To A New VST I Picked Up and Should Help In Your Productions Also.



Nexus 2 By Refx

Now Over The Years I’ve Bought/Downloaded A Lot Of Big Name VST’s To Be Let Down By Crappy Sounds. Not This One. Nexus 2 Is Comprised With Some Very Legit Sounds and Expansion Packs. From Arpeggios To Strings To Brass You Name It. Nexus 2 Is One Of The Simplest VST’s To Learn, But The Most Powerful VST You Can Use. If You Have Been Like Me and Had Beat Block For Days At A Time, Nexus 2 Completely Eliminates That. Once I Got This Installed I Couldnt/Still Can’t Stop Cranking Out Beats! With The Sounds Provided You Can Be A Very Versatile Producer. A Lot Of Producers Are Known For One Genre Of Music Production, This Helps You Break Out Of That Shell. The Skins Are Very Appealing To Any Producers Eye. If You Ever Get Tired Of Using The Sounds That Come Stock, There Are Expansion Packs You Can Purchase/Download To Expand Your Library. From Dirty South To R&B, House To Trance, There Are A Plethora Of Sounds To Utilize and Make Killer Productions. Some Producers Have Trouble With VST’s Taking Up Too Much RAM and Such, You Don’t Have To Worry About It. Nexus 2 Is Like A Direct Gift From God. Now For My Ratings.

Look: A+

Ease Of Use: A+

Sounds: A+

Price: B-

Customer Support: A+

Overall: A

*Final Verdict – This Is A MUST HAVE. Stop Wasting Money On Useless VSTs and Purchase This TODAY!

— Blue

By Sam | April 6th, 2011 | Nexus 2 Review