It can often be difficult when trying to gain new clients or even keep existing ones, but with the art of beat making comes the art of selling beats. It’s a necessary evil that we all have to do if we wish to bring in an income from our beats, so there are many different ways that you can do so.

One of the best tactics to keep clients coming back for more is to offer them discounts.

“Discounts on my beats? That’s foolish!” is something you might be thinking to yourself, however, it’s a common technique used in sales, so why not use it for your own beat selling?

Offering Discounts Will Keep Your Clients Happy

Everyone likes to feel happy about making a big purchase, and when it comes to rappers, singers, and everyone in between, they want to feel like they have gotten their money’s worth. No one likes to get ripped off, that’s a fact. In sales, one of the first things that you want to do is to welcome potential clients into your world and make them feel comfortable.

It can be on your website, on your myFlashStore listing, or in person, but either way you will not sell your beats if clients don’t like what you have to offer. Believe it or not, but there are plenty of beat makers that sell lots of beats and their beats are not even that good. There are various reasons at play, but one of them could very well be perception.

Just like if you walk into an electronics store and see a shiny new model of LED TV with 8D (does that exist?) and an octagon-curved shape, it’s eye-catching. The store has lured you in by having the TV get your attention. It’s basically bait.

So with selling beats, you need to do the same thing with potential and returning clients by offering discounts.

A Discount Will Lure Them In, But Don’t Seem Desperate

I recently walked by a store that was having a massive blowout sale because they were bankrupt and going out of business. There were signs all over the place that showed how dramatically their prices have dropped, like the $6 shorts I bought that used to be $39. The store is obviously desperate but it’s understandable since they’re going out of business.

But if you’re offering a discount on your beats, you don’t want to fall into that category.

Discounts are great, but all they should be is a tactic to get more sales.

Let’s say you’re selling an average beat for $500. You could offer a 10% discount which would knock off $50 from your price, but you definitely don’t want to offer 50% off.

Right away, 50% immediately tells a person that you’re desperate and your beats suck so you’re trying to make any money you can.

Even myFlashStore offers discounts and coupons that you can use!

Discounts Lead To Relationships, Which Lead To More Work And More Sales

Relationships are very important in the music business, and if you can draw in people that want your beats, then all the better. Offering a discount will open you up to working with new clients and returning clients, and will lead to more sales.

Once you have lured in a client, it doesn’t stop right there. Instead, you could tell them that even though you’re offering a discount right now, you’re also open to working with them on a track in the near future.

But here’s the catch.

You may think that seems desperate but it’s how you do it that matters. Yes, it may seem like you’re reaching, but if you say to the client, “I can also work with you on a track in the near future, BECAUSE I LIKE HOW YOU SOUND”, that doesn’t seem desperate at all.

If you were to say, “because I think the two of us could work well together”, you’re assuming, which means you’re just throwing that out there and seem desperate.

But by complimenting them on how good THEY sound, that draws them in even more.


Having to sell and promote yourself and your brand can be very time-consuming. However, if done properly like by offering discounts and offering to work with clients for free, it can be a game changer and help you build relationships.

I know some beatmakers don’t want to work for free, and I understand that, but the whole purpose is for you to think of the big picture. It’s not just about beat sales and beats for money. The key to being successful at selling beats is to network and build relationships. Offering discounts is one of those tricks that will help you achieve those goals.