To some, social media is a huge part of their daily lives, and to others it’s an annoyance. Regardless of how it’s perceived by some, it’s a game changer when it comes to promoting your music and your brand, and you should use it on a regular basis.
But how you use it is the big question. Should you post daily? Hourly? 24/7? You could, but what about just putting a lot of thought into each post, no matter how often you post?

Social media is something that a lot of us use just “as is”, and post all the time about whatever. However, when it comes to your brand and selling beats, you should use it wisely, as it could be a big difference in whether or not your post gets overlooked, or goes viral.
Everyone wants their posts to go viral, and even though mine haven’t (yet!), planning goes into each of my posts. I do post just regular links and whatnot, but I always try my best to think about what I will post, and what my hashtags will be, because I don’t want to just create a post, I want to create a post that people will actually look at.
With that in mind, planning is essential. Some companies hire other companies (social media experts) to post for them – that’s how big social media is. Now, none of us have the luxury of hiring a company to tweet for us, but it’s interesting how these companies go about it – they plan it – big time.
Do Your Research
One of the first things you learn about when it comes to websites and search engine optimization (SEO), is keywords. When someone searches for “beatmaking”, or “making beats”, search engines will show them the most relevant results. A lot of times when I write articles, I try to include the words “beats”, or “sell beats” in the title, as it will help with search results.
The same thing applies to social media. When someone on Twitter wants to look up the hashtag #beatmaking, you want your tweet to show up in their list, and you also want it to get to the top. But how do you know what hashtags you should be targeting? Research!
Some social media companies will spend hours every single day looking at posts from certain people on their lists, and they will also look up certain keywords (hashtags, for example), in order to see what’s popular and hot. Once they have all the information they need, they then set out to plan how their posts are going to be crafted.
Don’t Plan Too Far Ahead
With social media, and the internet in general, what’s hot today probably won’t be hot for long. So when planning out your posts, don’t take too long to do so. Let’s say for example that you want to target the #beatmaking keyword because you make beats and you want everyone to know about you and your beats. There are many things to consider, such as the popularity of the keyword, if it’s relevant to you and what you’re posting, etc. But let’s say you’re good to go and you use that keyword. Will it get you instant worldwide fame? No.
The reason is because you’re still a nobody, that’s why it’s important to network and have a solid amount of followers. Notice how I said “solid” and not “big” amount of followers. Because if you have a million followers, it doesn’t mean that they will retweet you or share your post. Having a very solid following will get you the shares and tweets that you’re after because those followers actually like you and they read your posts.
The End Result
All of this doesn’t mean that you will be a big, famous social media celebrity (do those exist?), but in the end you will end up have a very solid social media presence. This is because you’re planning out your posts with keywords and trends in mind, and you’re not just posting about your “Volcano Hot Lava Sale” of beats for 99 cents. Instead, you’re posting content that actually matters, and that’s what your followers will read.
Take a look at someone like Beyonce. She and many other celebrities have tons of followers, so every time she posts, everyone sees it and shares it. Why? Because she’s Beyonce, of course. But it’s also because she has a solid presence that has been thought out and aimed at a certain type of people. In this case, it’s her fans.
I have seen some celebrities that post just about anything on their social media sites, and even though they will get retweets and shares because of who they are, they don’t get as many as they should – because their posts aren’t targeted.
By preparing everything in advance and planning out your social media posts, you will be targeting the right people, at the right time, and posting content that they want to see. It may not get you to where you want to be, but at least it will get you on the right track, and that’s a lot better than where you were before.