What’s good myFlashStore users!

I’d like to briefly tell you about a nice tool that ya’ll should add to your website, since it looks like it’s very effective. The tool i’m talking about is AddThis.com. It’s basically a widget, which let’s you put a few “share buttons” on your own website.

I uploaded a screenshot from my website, so ya’ll know what it looks like:

Now…what this tool does: If somebody click “Like”…he’ll automatically share that certain site on FaceBook (because all his friends see the link). Same with Twitter, MySpace & many many more.

In other words it’s FREE PROMOTION for you. If your visitors like your website/your beats they’ll hit “Like” or “Tweet” & drive a lot of traffic to that site.

Since I have a Blog on my website, I put “AddThis” on every single page, so my visitors/readers can share any content they like.

PS: If you don’t mind. You see this kind of “Share Button” on this post too, right?…Why don’t share this post with other people too? Just saying 🙂