In episode 120 of the Free Game Producer Podcast, we talk to Rico Love, who has written records for Beyonce, Nelly, Usher, Mary J Blidge + more.

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Topics discussed include:

  • An important discussion about current affairs, including racial injustice, the riots, and how the music community can respond
  • Rico’s view on how musicians can respond to racial injustice
  • How mainstream media ‘hasn’t caught on’ and is ‘masking’ current issues
  • whether or not artists can incorporate important, relevant messages into their work whilst still creating ‘popular’ music
  • Rico’s musical & cultural influences early in his life in Milwaukee
  • Why sleeping on a couch built the foundations of his success
  • Having the spirit and the strength to keep going through the hard times
  • Rico identifies as a teacher first, and finds great joy in helping others find “what makes them great”
  • How Rico’s emerging R&B project “Rico Love Presents” came about, and where it’s future lies
  • How the Rico Love Sessions allow him to discover new talent
  • How he paid for opportunities with sacrifices rather than money and why that inspires him to help others
  • How music is therapy, and a form of release
  • Looking back on a $3.5 million clothes & shoe collection, and realizing it wasn’t necessary
  • What he learned from spending money because he thought “that’s the way you do it”

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