Self Employed LWilliams Earns a Living Selling Beats Online

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Nah, I don’t speak Welsh, about 90% people don’t speak Welsh. My sound system in my car, it’s a stock sound system but it’s good. I do beat tests in there you know, everyone does the you know, you do the sound test. From music, I’ve been able to buy myself a BMW, you know, which is amazing, feel humble to do that. The same obsession I’ve had with music from day one, I’ve had the same thing with cars – fast cars, Ferrari’s, Lambo’s, you know stuff like that.

Yeah, I do consider myself an entrepreneur. I’m self-employed from music, I make money myself, I don’t work for the man, within two or three months of selling beats I must have made about five, six hundred dollars. Four, five months after, I was consistently making you know, a thousand, then a year later you know, two, and so on. You know I actually realized Ok I can make a living from this. I can make a living from beats.

I describe Airbit as probably one of the best beat selling platforms I’ve come across, probably one of the best decisions I’ve made. It’s helped me increase my monthly revenue, my sales, It’s great. I wanna see the UK scene grow by a lot more producers maybe from the U.K. start selling beats you know, online beat selling can help a lot of producers and has helped a lot of producers you know expand and grow you know from somewhere small in the U.K. like myself. Selling to people in America you know making a living I’m connecting with artists I probably, I’ll probably never meet and have never met before thanks to online selling, it’s crazy.

Success to me is just happiness to even just be making a living from music to be selling beats is just successful to me itself. In a few years I see myself going into property development, I’ll still be making beats of course, but I wanna invest my beat money into something positive you know, have multiple streams of income. I have the freedom to do anything and everything I want now, you know I can spend time with my girlfriend yeah just going on holiday, I can go on holiday whenever I want. If I won a million today I wouldn’t stop making beats, you know. That’s my passion, so I’d carry on and do it.

My nan’s actually on social media, my nan follows me on social media, she has me on Snapchat, and Instagram. So, yeah, she comments every now and then. Like if I put up a beat that she like, she’ll put a little comment, like I love this beat. So, yeah, I always get support from my nan, it’s good.

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