Sell More Beats Just From The Name Alone

There are numerous articles on various blogs about selling beats, as well as discussions in forums and on social media, and a lot of them offer very good advice. It has never been easier to sell beats online, in the sense that all the information to help you do so is right at your fingertips.
With all of the ideas, suggestions, and tutorials, I don’t think I have ever seen anyone mention that the name of your beat can help you get beat sales.

It’s All In A Name
It may not seem like that big of a deal to most of you, but I want you all to at least give this a try. The next time you upload a beat to the Marketplace, think carefully about what you will name that beat. I know that it is tempting to just use whatever name and be done with it, but that might actually backfire on you.
When I make beats, I used to use a number system, so it would be 001, 002, 003, etc. Now I just use the date of when I did that beat, so it’s 2014-03-20, for example. If I happen to make more than one beat in a day, then I add letters to the end, starting with the letter ‘a’: 2014-03-20a, 2014-03-20b, etc.
It doesn’t matter what your beat is called when you’re creating the beat, but when it comes time to upload and sell it, the name can make all the difference.
Avoid Generic Names
A lot of times I will see beat names such as “Hot Southern Beat”, or “Fiya”. Those may seem good to YOU, but what about the buyer? Take for example, movies. When I’m browsing the latest movie releases, the first thing I see is of course, the name of the movie. Many times I have decided to download a movie just because the name caught my eye.
There is a movie that is set to be released in April of this year, but somehow it already made its way online, and it’s called “Bad Country”. When I first saw that name, I thought it would be something really cool, so I clicked on it. I then saw the poster with these tough looking dudes with handlebar mustaches and guns. I knew I had to see this movie.
With that scenario in mind, applying that to your beat names can make all the difference. Some of you have generic names for your beats, or names that the buyer can’t relate to. The problem is that you’re naming your beats based on what YOU think it should be named. Instead, take into account what the buyer sees.
What they see is something that they should be able to understand. For example, don’t name your beat “The Peanut & Jelly Orchestra”. Buyers won’t know what that means. Instead, call it something like “Never Back Down”, or “Hand On The Pump”. Both of those names can mean something to you, but also to the buyer.
Let’s say a buyer is a rapper that has lyrics about how he came up in the streets. He’s now looking to buy a beat and he sees the title “Never Back Down”. Do you think he’s going to click on that beat and listen to it? Of course he will! Why? Because that title relates to the song he’s writing about.
Think Carefully
I know that it’s hard to name your beats, especially with what I just explained above, but you have to really take your time and name your beat properly. It can be the difference between beat sales and no sales.
When I finish a beat, I listen to it a few times and I start to imagine what this beat can possibly represent. Is it a beat that would sound better at night? Riding around in the car? On the bus? On mainstream radio? These are all questions that I ask myself, but the main thing is I just let it come to me. There are some beats that I know just sound like a nighttime beat, and others I still have no clue as to what they represent.
You’re never going to figure out what all your beats should be called, but at least try to name them what you think they should be. Forget all the “fiya”, “hot”, “bounce”, and “sad” beat names. Instead, give it a special name that will get peoples’ attention.
My suggestion to you is to first think about the genre you’re aiming for. If it’s Hip Hop, then write down certain keywords such as:
  • Street
  • Urban
  • Guns
  • Champagne
  • Thug
I’m not saying to use those words directly, but branch off from there. So your beat name might start off as “Street Thug”, and then end up being something completely different.
Obviously, you can name your beats whatever you want, but if you want to see if you can get more beat sales, try playing around with different names. You can also do some research and see what other producers are naming their beats, as well as some of your favorite artists. You might be surprised at how generic a lot of the names are, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying to be different. And to sell more beats!
By MisterFade | March 27th, 2014 | Sell More Beats Just From The Name Alone