We’re so pleased to introduce our brand new Shadow Store! This new design will suit all websites, can be customised just as the ever-popular Flat UI stores can, and can even have a custom highlight colour! Along with this new store design, we have added many new features to make the stores even better:

Discounts are a huge part of any business. They can take a potential sale from $20 to $50 without you needing a sales pitch! When you create your discounts they will be automatically displayed in your store so browsing customers can see what’s on offer and buy more beats at a better price

Licensing terms are also displayed in your store. This means that any customers who would’ve previously contacted you about terms can now see them straight away, and go straight to buying the license that suits them

Customers can now log in through your store. With a super quick and easy sign up process, customers can go from browsing your store for the first time to making an offer on a beat in a matter of clicks!

Tabs are better than ever before – you can now use them to display different playlist, albums, other collections, and even sound kits! We know many of you sell kits as well as beats, and now you can do it from the same store!

And of course, you can still embed these stores on an unlimited number of sites, they’re mobile friendly, can be customised to suit your website, and feature all the amazing features they always have

So how does this help you sell more beats? By placing everything your customer needs in your store front, this eliminates any questions a potential customer might have, so the only question left is which beat to buy!