We know that many producers like to have different streams of income outside of selling beats (why wouldn’t you?), and these days it’s becoming more and more popular to sell Sound Kits to other producers

To accommodate for this, Airbit stores now support the selling of Sound Kits through your store!

You can include your kits as a tab in your beat store to keep everything neat and tidy, in one place. Or, if you prefer to keep things separate you can create a new store just for your kits! This does not require a new account

Uploading Your Kit

Uploading your Sound Kit is very easy it doesn’t even need a guide. But just in case:

  1. You’ll want  to make sure you have your kit stored as a .zip file, smaller than 2000mb. You’ll also need an .mp3 demo and an image
  2. Upload them by dragging them into the corresponding boxes, as seen in the image above
  3. Fill in the fields on the left and click Save. The information you enter in the description will be shown when a customer clicks . Your kit is now uploaded! (Told you it was easy)

Displaying Your Kit in Your Store

Displaying your kit is just as easy – though, as mentioned before, you have two options. You can either display it in your existing beat store, or create a new store specifically for your kits

To display it in an existing store:

  1. Head to Dashboard -> Music Stores -> HTML5 and select your configuration from the drop-down menu
  2. Select Tabs from the tabs, as shown in the image above (confusing – yes, but it’s impossible to word that without making it sound confusing)
  3. Click the green +Add button in the top right, and select Sound Kits under Type and All Sound Kits from the Contents column
  4. Name your tab and save the configuration. This will now be displayed alongside your beats in your store, so users can choose what they want to see

To create a separate store for your kits:

  1. Head to Dashboard -> Music Stores -> HTML5 and click Create New Configuration
  2. Once you’ve customised it using the on-screen options, click the Tabs tab
  3. Instead of clicking the green +ADD button, simply change the default tab from Beats to Sound Kits and rename it
  4. Save the configuration and you’re done!

Buying & selling Sound Kits works in a very similar way to buying and selling beats – the customer will simply click the price button below the kit and it will be added to their cart. Once they complete payment they will receive the kit automatically, which they can download via their order confirmation page, or via the email they’re sent containing the download link