This is one thing that my clients come to me again and again, asking questions about. How do you start selling beats on Twitter? Well the fact is that it’s a lot easier, and a lot more clean cut, then you might think. Truthfully selling beats on this social network can be the easiest thing you’ve done all year if you plan correctly.

The first thing you should know that I’ve found when trying to figure out how to sell beats on the big T is simply this: you’ll make 3x as much money (roughly) by actually communicating and networking with the followers you attain. So instead of trying to get huge numbers of follows and then posting up on Twitter every day about a hundred times, focus your energy more clearly.

So when you have followers, it’s important to network with them.

Communciate with them on whatever they post about, and see if you can get them starting to respond to your own posts. If you can, then guess what? You’ve made a connection. And by continuing, you can make it possible to find more connections and even, in the future, have your posts read instead of feeling like you’re spamming all day.

One important thing to consider is, even if your main focus is to sell beats online, that the tweets which get the most “Re-Tweets” are the ones which are going to bring you the furthest in terms of connecting with new followers. For instance, one of the best posts I’ve put up on Twitter has to be something like “I’m not as think as you drunk I am”. That got TONS of re-tweets! While posting your own website link is likely to get none.

So how do you make a difference? Focus on entertainment, or relation. You want your followers to either relate to what you’re saying, or be entertained by it. If you can be massively entertaining, then that might be all you need! But if you’re not as entertaining as Twitter would like you to be, then the community will not respond.

As you may know, getting in touch with your followers and starting communications is one of the best ways to start selling beats. So don’t be afraid to put your all into it!

Kyle Artzt of SBN and B4L