Selling beats is the name of the game, and having your beats right here on myFlashStore is a great move, but is there more you should do? Yes!
Having your own website is essential if you want to be looked at professionally and take your beat game to the next level, but it’s not that simple. You need to do some Search Engine Optimization. Here’s how.

1. Website Name
The first place to start is with the actual URL of your website. It’s important that you choose something that is going to stand out and at the same time be easy to read and pronounce. It also should be in the same realm of what your website is about, in this case, beats.
Bad Example: “”.
If your name is Bob and you have beats for sale, it makes sense to have Bob’s Beats. But that doesn’t translate nicely to a URL. Also, it seems generic.
Instead, you could use anything that is easy to roll off the tongue. This is why there are all these startup websites that have quirky names like Stripe, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. The main reason for those names is that they’re easy to pronounce.
So should you use a site name that is related to beats? Yes. But you don’t have to. Notice how in the first paragraph above I said the name SHOULD be in the same realm, but it doesn’t have to. If you can get a name like “bouncybeats” or “dirtybeats”, then that’s a little easier to pronounce.
Years ago, the name of your website was super important, but the way the search engines function today, the name doesn’t have to have any meaning at all. One of the reasons why is because of the site title.
2. Site Title
The title of your website is the first thing that visitors will see in their browser when they go to your website. Most people forget that the title is very important, and it should not only describe what your website is about, but it should also have a keyword in it as well.
Bad Example: “Bob’s Beat Website” or “Bob’s Beats”.
It’s good that Bob put the keyword “beats” in his title, but it’s not used well. Beats is a great word to use, but you have to remember that a lot of other beatmakers will be using the same keyword. So instead you should have something such as:
Good Example: “Bob’s Beats – Home Of The Hottest Hip Hop Beats”.
This is a good title, but the word “beats” is used twice. To search engines (especially Google), they might consider it “keyword stuffing”, which means you’re trying to cram the same keyword into your web page over and over again. It’s like cheating. Maybe you could try something like this:
Better Example: “John Smith Productions – The Hottest Hip Hop Beats”.
This is much better, assuming the name of your website is something like It could be or something similar. Notice how I took out “home of” from the good example. You could leave it in, but I would take it out because most likely Google will ignore it since they’re common words. I left “the” from “the hottest hip hop beats” because it looks better when reading it.
The point to remember is that in this scenario, the site title is what’s carrying you to the search engines. When Google finds your website, it will see words like “productions”, and “hip hop beats”. Just the phrase “hip hop beats” alone is a big plus.
What you don’t want to do is stuff the title. For example, if your website is about selling beats, you don’t want to put “John Smith Productions – Sell Beats, Beat Selling, Hip Hop Beats, Beats, Hip Hop, Sell More Beats, Beatmaking, Music Productions” and the list goes on. It’s easy to understand why that’s a big no-no and to search engines it’s what they call “Black Hat SEO”. You must remember that a search giant like Google could actually blacklist your website to oblivion if you do stuff like that. It happens all the time and it can seriously damage your reputation.
I will give you some current examples of some websites that have good titles:
Sell Beats | Sell – This one shows the visitor that the website is about selling beats. I would have substituted “sell instrumentals” with “buy beats” because it makes more sense to have “sell beats and buy beats” as the title. Nevertheless, it gets right to the point so when people search for “sell beats” on Google, myFlashStore will come up in the results.
IllMuzik – Hip Hop Production – Besides the shameless plug :), I have kept the IllMuzik title dead simple. The website is all about Hip Hop and the Production that goes along with it. In the past I had a title like “Taking Hip Hop Production To The Next Level”, but as Google and other search engines have changed their algorithms over the years, I have dropped the fluff from the title.
Here are some websites with bad titles:
For New Hip Hop music, Hip Hop News & all things Rap & Hip Hop | HipHopDX – On one hand they have the keyword “hip hop” in the title, but the problem is that they use it four times! A title like this I would consider to be keyword/keyphrase stuffing, so I’m surprised they have not been penalized yet. Instead, they need to keep it simple with something like “All Things Rap & Hip Hop – HipHopDX”.
This uses just the last part which is a decent phrase, but the downside is that it still uses “hip hop” two times. There’s not much that can be done with that anyway since it’s in the name of the website.
AllHipHop – Right now there’s no title but in the past I think it used to be “the most dangerous site on the planet” or something like that. A title like that has no relevance to the term “Hip Hop” so it’s good that they dropped it, but now they don’t have anything. They should try putting “Music, News, and Community – AllHipHop”.
This is a good title because the term “hip hop” is already in their name, so for the title, just mention certain features of their website. HipHopDX could probably do the same thing, as the two websites have similar features.
Stay tuned for part 2 of this series, coming soon!