Selling your beats online has opened up many possibilites for beat makers, such as networking and connecting with other artists, as well as people that listen and buy their beats. One of the biggest websites where you can promote yourself and your beats is of course, Facebook.

There are millions of people that log onto Facebook every single day, so it’s a no-brainer that you should be trying to network on there with potential clients and fans. But now Facebook has made some changes to their algorithm that could potentially make it more difficult for you to sell your beats. Here’s why.

Always Evolving

Facebook is always changing things around and making improvements to their website, as they should. They have millions of visitors every day, so it’s only fitting that they try and make it as easy as possible for those people to access information as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Every time that Facebook makes a change to the design of the site, everyone in the world freaks out. I understand how anyone would be upset because when you visit a website every day, you get used to where everything is until it becomes second nature.

Facebook has always had this thing called an “algorithm”. It’s basically this clever code that they use that determines what happens when you visit or do something on the site. They’re always making changes to the algorithm, and this time they made some serious changes.


The news feed that you see on the homepage is where all these changes are taking place. There’s the “like” button that is now gone, so it’s been replaced only with the text. I know it makes it simpler looking, but the “thumbs up” image they had before made people want to click it more, since it just looked more fun and interactive.

When you’re looking at your news feed, sometimes there are posts you see from friends that can be annoying. I for one am sick of seeing peoples’ kids pictures, so sometimes I will click on the “unfollow” link, that way they don’t show up in my news feed anymore. The difference now is that before you could see if someone had unfollowed you, but now you can’t. That’s good if you’re the one doing the unfollowing, because that way you won’t hurt their feelings. But if you’re the one being unfollowed, this can be bothersome because you don’t know if what you’re posting is something that people are enjoying or not.

The biggest thing that will be hit by Facebook’s new changes are:

Brand Pages

When you sign up to Facebook, it’s your personal page. But once you have an account, you can easily set up your own fan page, or basically a “brand” page. This is very important if you’re trying to network and connect with people because now you can target fans, artists, producers, buyers, etc. all from your brand page.

With Facebook’s new algorithm, this can have a major impact on your brand. There are tons of businesses that have built up brand pages over the years as a way to connect with their audience, and it’s worked. Some companies don’t even have an actual website, they just use their brand page as their main site!

For you, though, it’s important to realize that your audience might shrink starting now. If you have a brand page and have hundreds, or maybe even thousands of fans, your posts may not reach all of them, or many at all. Ignite, which is a social media marketing agency, recently analyzed 689 posts from 21 different brand pages. What they found was a big change. Those brand pages saw a 44% decline in people who saw posts from those pages, and some even went as high as 88%.

Facebook News

What this all comes down to is that Facebook is trying to become more and more like a new site. It’s sad because that’s not what it’s supposed to be. Facebook is supposed to be a social media website where you can connect with people from all over the world, whether that be on your personal page, or through your brand page.

The reason why Facebook is doing this is more than likely because they’re trying to compete with Twitter. With Twitter’s super-fast posting, people from all over the globe have been able to get news stories instantly as they happen, whereas Facebook is stuck with people posting memes and baby pictures.

And this is where the big change came from.

Facebook basically came out and said that they want to show more news stories and less memes. See the problem is that Facebook always encouraged users to post pictures with their posts, this way it makes the posts look more interesting, which would lead to more people clicking, liking, and sharing those posts and pictures.

But what happened is a lot of people just started posting pictures, mainly memes, and that can easily clog up a person’s news feed. So now Facebook wants to stop all of that and show news links instead of memes.

Connecting With Fans

The problem I see is that a website such as myFlashStore might get hurt in all of this. If you follow myFlashStore on Facebook, you’ll see right away how very often the posts contain some sort of meme or just a big picture with a comment. And Facebook doesn’t want you to see that in your news feed. But why not?

When you’re on Facebook and you’re trying to push your brand by posting a meme, there’s nothing wrong with that because the bottom line is that you’re connecting with your fans. Actually, it seems like most of the interaction brand pages see are from silly posts and pictures like memes. So why stop it?

Selling Beats

So where does this leave you with selling your beats? Facebook isn’t a place to necessarily sell your beats, but it definitely is a place where you can build relationships and meet potential buyers and fans. With Facebook’s new algorithm changes, your meme posts, or even just regular posts probably won’t show up often or at all on peoples’ news feed.

There isn’t really much of a solution if this is going to affect you, unless you have your own website, to which you could then post links to articles you wrote on your website. But that’s not something that you have because you’re trying to sell beats, not run a news blog.

The Solution

If you have a brand page and you’ve been using it to promote yourself and your music, my solution to you is to continue using Facebook, but keep an eye on your page “insights”. Give it about a month and see how well your posts are doing, and if people are clicking on links, liking your posts, or sharing them. If the numbers are okay, then you’ll be fine – but still keep checking them.

If your numbers are way down like most brand pages now, (and I’m sure it will be), then it’s time to jump ship. Twitter is a much better option, and maybe even Instagram, as these two women have proven by building their brand.


I know this is a big thing to take on, and I know that not all of you have brand pages on Facebook, but it’s still something you should know because if they continue down this path, then Facebook might be abandoned altogether.

Promote your music through other means as I’ve mentioned in the past. Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr, and many others are out there. Look around and find what works for you, and don’t let Facebook’s changes affect the hard work you’ve put in to building your brand.