Sometimes we really just need to STOP and take a BREAK!

With the world advancing in front of us at lightning speed, it is very easy to get caught up in all of it and not stop to rest, think, contemplate, plan, relax, live, or simply do nothing.

For most of us through conditioning, we are taught that we have to work hard to get by. Though this is true, we tend not to focus more on ourselves to re-group or re-calibrate to make sure everything is still in check with us.

In the online beat game, it is easy to get pulled and pushed in all sorts of directions from having to market your beats, reply to existing beat buyer customers, read up on educational material, sell more beats, get new equipment, get rid of old equipment, find new sounds, backup massive gigs of beat files and everything else in between.

STOP and BREAK for a moment!

Get back to you.

Don’t (yet) plan or think about anything but the moment you have when you’ve stopped.

Then, after how ever long you feel necessary to stop and break, get to your game plan again, review and revise it, feel good about it then get back out there…and when you feel its time to stop again STOP.

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