I have always been an advocate for simplicity when it comes to mixing your beats, however, there are times when it’s best to leave things like this to the professionals. This way, you can relax and know that your beats will end up sounding great when it’s all said and done.
Making beats and even recording a singer or rapper on top is what most of us prefer to be doing with our time in the lab, so it’s no wonder that a lot of top producers hire the pros to do the rest. This is why you should consider passing off mixing and mastering to someone else.

I have written before about how mixing should be something that you keep simple and ease back on such things as excess plug-ins. But once in a while it’s good to get someone else’s perspective on how your beats should sound. Let me explain.
A few years back, I was putting together a compilation album for my website and since I’m a busy man, plus I had a tough enough time just picking the right songs for the album, I decided to let someone else do the mixing.
With the first compilation I did, the person I hired did a terrible job. Okay, I shouldn’t say “terrible”, because the songs were mixed properly, but it’s how he mixed the entire album that I didn’t agree with. The compilation was a Hip Hop album, yet since this person was more into Electronic music, it didn’t work for me. He decided to mix each song into the next and added some effects to make it seem like a “cool” transition. It backfired.
On the second compilation, I instead chose someone else who had more Hip Hop mixing experience, and I also told him that I wanted each song mixed on its own because then I would take care of the rest. It worked beautifully.
Another Set Of Ears
It’s not just about getting someone to mix your music for you, but also to get someone with a fresh set of ears. When you’re making beats all day, and especially when you’ve been working on the same beats for weeks, you’re so used to hearing them and how they sound. So when it comes time to mix, in a way, your ears are biased towards your own music.
With someone else stepping in to do the mixing for you, they might hear something you don’t, like a horn that is too subtle, or a guitar that is too loud.
Finding someone to do all of this for you can be troublesome, because really, who can you trust? I know many people that know other people, but for those of you that can’t find anyone, you can turn to certain websites, such as right here at myFlashStore.
The Mixing & Mastering section on here can do all of this for you, plus they know what they’re doing. There’s examples there that show you the before and after versions of certain songs they’ve mixed. It can be for your beats that you want to sell, or for your full song that you’ve already done but just need to polish up a bit before it’s released. Either way, it’s worth the money because at least you will sound professional.
You Need That Big Sound
There is a guy I went to high school with that is now an audio engineer. It’s funny because he was always this super Heavy Metal dude with long hair, and yet here he is mixing everything from Rock to Hip Hop!
When I first saw that he was an engineer, I had to check out his examples, and that’s when I realized that it really is important to get that “big sound” for your music.
With the last album that I put together, I was going to get it mixed and mastered but I didn’t bother because I wanted to keep everything lo-fi and creepy. That’s just me. 🙂 But if you’re looking to get a big sound and come off as a professional artists, then mixing and mastering is what you need, hands down.
I know that it may not seem like the service that everyone needs, and I completely understand that, but when you’re ready to step it up to the next level, I say go for it. It’s worth it. Besides, it will give you much more time to spend in the studio just looking for samples or banging on the keys. That’s what you want, right?