2x Grammy winning, multi-platinum super producer Symbolyc One joins us for the latest episode of the Free Game Podcast! He discusses dealing with failure, quitting his job, working with Kanye, Eminem + more, and the importance of taking action, while minding work/life balance.

Topics discussed include:

  • Why he chose to write a book, and how it can help you achieve your goals
  • S1’s early days, and his transition from a rapper to a producer
  • How he dealt with failure and stayed motivated throughout his career
  • Being a part of the early internet producer era
  • Navigating the thin line between negotiating a fair deal & blowing an opportunity
  • Quitting his corporate job to pursue music full time
  • S1’s experience working with Roc Nation
  • How to create a good work/life balance
  • How S1 approaches signing producers
  • Working with Eminem on multiple records
  • The importance of ‘taking action’, and how it can lead to opportunities
  • How S1 came to work with Gladys Knight, and what he learned from her
  • The importance of consistently planting seeds, and how it leads to work further down the line
  • S1’s creative process

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