What’s up producers? Sikwitit of imsosick.com here with Airbit and today, well today we have something really special for you. 

Ooh, what is it bro? Is it candy?

No, but I like to think we could do better than that. 

Oh, alright. Well, what is it?

So, we here at Airbit are always trying to better our platform by providing the proper tools to make it easier for producers to be successful. It is our goal to not only provide a flexible and easy way to cater to your customer base, but we also want to help you customise our platform to fit your brand as a growing business. So, with that said. I would like to introduce to you, our new Infinity Store. 

Oh, Infinity Store? Dope. What is that?

Well, I’m glad you asked. Let’s get into it. 

So, one of the main keys to having a successful business is building a recognisable and consistent brand and we here at Airbit want to help you do that through our new Infinity Store. So, what’s that you ask? Well, the Infinity Store is our new beat and sound pack store. It’s the most customisable store we’ve ever created. It’s so flexible that not only can you use it as an embedded beat store like our older, previous HTML five stores, but its fully responsive design means it looks great on a desktop website and a mobile site as well.

Unlike previous stores which are customised from your dashboard, our customisation settings in the Infinity Store are contained within the settings cog, where you add your personal touch and decide on the look of your store. You can style your store to fit your every need. With the countless number of colors and style customisation options, you can make your store look and feel just as unique as your music. No two stores will ever look the same. 

Bro, that’s dope. 

I know right? And not only that, we use the same AI systems that we use for our marketplace which contains tons of customer usage data. Which means the Infinity Store will intelligently recommend products to your customers throughout your store to help increase sales and serve your customers with relevant music. 

I bet it looks cool huh?

It most certainly does. It even has an audio visualiser which is discreet and non-distracting yet still visually stimulating for your customer. The style could be customised to fit your store however you see fit. If you don’t like, cut it out. It’s your call. The Infinity Store also provides custom branding. Make your store more you, with custom logos and hero pages. You can make your store stand out from all the rest and truly represent your brand.

With our custom pages, there’s no one size fits all store and with the Infinity Store, you could customise not only what pages appear on your store, like our beautiful discover page, our browse page, or the sound kits page. But you can customise how those pages look on your store with the multitude of page customisation options. Not only that, but your customers can log into your store and view their purchase history. So, no more emails from customers, chasing lost orders. Oh, and one more thing, you keep 100% of all sales. 

Wow. That sounds amazing bro. So, can anybody do this?

Of course, this will automatically be available to all platinum members. If you’re not a platinum member, please sign up today so you can take full advantage of our new Infinity Store. And with that being said, producers, I hope you enjoy the new features. May it make your life and business that much easier to connect with your audience. Next week. I will be doing a deep dive into the Infinity Store features, where I will be doing a step by step process on how to navigate through the store and how to customise it to your liking. So, ya’ll be sure to tune in for that. 

Thanks for watching. 

I’m Sikwitit with Airbit and thanks for tuning in. Please leave a comment and ask any questions you may have about our new Infinity Store. Also, please subscribe to our YouTube channel down at the bottom to keep up with all of our latest content and check the description to follow us on all social media platforms along with my personal pages as well. 

Till next time. Stay creative.