We’ve got a real nice instrumental to get us going with the RoundUp – it’s “Jb” by Soen. This chilled R&B beat is full to the brim with style and should be listened to whilst sipping the finest Brandy you can get your hands on.. Or not, but you get the idea

Now for something with a little swing to it.. Danny E.B Tracks’ “Gang“. That little bit of swing gives it a lot of bounce and makes it impossible not to nod your head to.. which is always a good thing

Something about JacquesToni’s beat “Everything” is really hypnotic (I think it’s the bassline). It’s the hypnotic nature of this beat that will draw you in and have you listening to it quite a few times before you know what’s happened

Now we kick it up a gear with “No Limit” by 88BeatsProductions. This beat is clearly popular amongst the public, is it makes it’s way onto both our Most Popular playlists on Youtube & Soundcloud, and is a great debut from a new comer to myFlashStore

SuperstaarBeats brings the drama with the instrumental “JudgementDay“. It’s his second #topbeat and I’m beginning to sense a theme.. epicness. So if you’re after dramatic beats, this is the producer to see

The featured spot on Soundcloud is shared by Soen and SuperstaarBeats with their contrasting styles

As mentioned, 88BeatsProductions made it onto the Soundcloud Most Popular playlist, accompanied by Danny E.B Tracks. Both these guys also made it onto the Youtube Most Popular playlist, as did Soen

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