The #topbeat RoundUp 05/12/16

We begin with an instrumental that gives new meaning to the word “smooth” – FLASHBEATS’ “Third Chance“. In fact, we need a whole new word to describe this – ‘smooth’ just doesn’t cut it. Anyway, check it out, you’ll love it – and if you don’t, I think you may be missing a soul

Now let’s change the mood completely with the dark, ominous “Psycho” by Abel Beats. If you’ve got some evil inside you that needs to be unleashed on a track then this is the one for you

And now for something epic with BeatzByNel’s “Never Win“. This was found in the Recent Uploads, but BeatzByNel is also in our top newcomer’s chart, and with beats like this, I’m sure he will remain there for some time, and even make way into the top 100!

Keeping the vibe epic, it’s The Artisans Beats with “March Out Of The Darkness“. If you’re wanting to get emotional, now’s the time to do it. This beat has feeling poured into it, and you will feel it pour into you as soon as you hit that play button

And last but not least it’s Shroud Sounds & “Gypsy“. The best way I can describe this is the soundtrack to being lost in a really twisted circus, being in a panic, trying to find your way to safety. Sounds like a good time..

The Artisans Beats & FLASHBEATS occupy the featured spot on Soundcloud this week

FLASHBEATS also makes it onto the Youtube Most Popular playlist, accompanied by Abel Beats and BeatzByNel

And BeatzByNel is the only producer to make it onto our Soundcloud Most Popular playlist this week

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By Ellis | December 6th, 2016 | The #topbeat RoundUp 05/12/16