J Soul is opening the RoundUp with some feel good vibes in “The Good Life“. Which is the perfect name for this, because you will feel like you’re living the good life with this blasting through your headphones

Kid Ocean has been absolutely dominating the charts recently, so it’s no surprise he’s in here with #topbeat. “Mami” was our pick of the lot in the charts (and there are a lot), but if you wanna hear more, all you gotta do is check out the top 100 for plenty more KO

Another feel-good instrumental – it’s “She Can Never Say I Didn’t Love Her” by Ingram Heard, aka Lafayette Beatz. Ingram Heard is new to myFlashStore, and introduces himself to the community with positivity and great production technique. Welcome, Mr. Heard

Now to switch up the vibe a lil’, with Santle Beats’ smooth Trap instrumental “Tape“. People have very mixed views about Trap, but if it all sounded like this, there would be no divide as everyone would love it, just as you will love this beat

And we’re back on the good-time vibe to end the RoundUp with “The Fallout” by Nine Diamond of ExpertBeats.com. And ‘Expert’ is the correct word to describe this finely crafted instrumental. So well crafted it is, it is our featured beat on our Soundcloud channel! Give it a listen to find out why

J Soul and Kid Ocean enter the Youtube Most Popular playlist this week. Kid Ocean also makes it onto the Soundcloud Most Popular playlist, joined by Ingram Heard

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