The #topbeat RoundUp 07/11/16

Last Monday was Halloween (in case you missed it) and InsaneBeatz captured the mood perfectly with the eerie sounding “Scary Movie“. But whilst the novelty of Halloween wears off, that of this instrumental does not. Turn the lights down low and have a listen..

GrandRiggity’s first #topbeatBecause” is just.. nice, y’know? Each individual component of this beat is well constructed, and together they make one great #topbeat that you’ll happily listen to over and over again

Next up is ChetaMeister’s “Had To“. This one was a hard choice because any one of ChetaMeister’s beats could’ve been chosen. The catalogue is rammed with high quality beats, so when you’re finished with this one, I suggest you check out the rest

What happens when you mix old school hip hop drums with orchestral music? It’s Rhap Beats’ “Juggernaut” of course! With drums that are somehow laid back, yet still a driving force of the beat, this will keep your head banging from start to finish

And we end the RoundUp with Hajj Music’s “BVNK” – an instrumental with a real futuristic, spacey sound to it. Hajj Music has been dancing with the charts lately, and he keeps releasing beats like this, I’m sure he’ll become a regular face in the top 100!

The featured spot on Soundcloud is shared by ChetaMeister & GrandRiggity

GrandRiggity, Hajj Music & ChetaMeister all made it onto our Youtube Most Popular playlist.

And ChetaMeister is the only producer this week to make it onto the Soundcloud Most Popular playlist

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By Ellis | November 7th, 2016 | The #topbeat RoundUp 07/11/16