Full Circle” by E-Trou Beats is the definition of chilled. The perfect instrumental to drift away with, I guarantee all the stresses of your day will be washed away with just one listen of this beat!

Now we raise the heat a little with Evolution Muzik Productions’ “Cyclops“. A new entry to the Top Newcomer Charts, this is a sign of more great things to come, and I imagine a long stay in the charts

Time to get dark with Teddy G’s aptly named “Goblin“. This beat suits it’s name, as it is creepy, ominous, mysterious.. everything you expect from a goblin. And let’s not forget the great production quality skill that has gone into this, making it a #topbeat!

Probably the feel good beat of the week, Jude’s “40 Acres And A Mule” comes just in time for summer and is the perfect instrumental to get you in the mood for barbecues, beaches and everything else summer has to offer

With a name like The Super Producers, you’d expect some high quality beats right? Well, this #topbeat – “The Mud” certainly lives up to the name, and I was not disappointed when listening to their whole catalogue. If you want something ‘super’, this is the place to look

The featured spot on Soundcloud is shared by The Super Producers and Jude for their equally good, but different instrumentals.

Jude also makes it onto our Youtube Most Popular playlist, whilst Teddy G and Evolution Muzik Productions make it onto the Soundcloud Most Popular playlist

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