The #topbeat RoundUp 12/12/16

We begin the RoundUp with a #topbeat that is super smooth, super elegant, and oh-so-chilled – it’s Beastly Beats’ “Palms“. If there were such a thing as an audio dictionary and you looked up the word ‘Classy’ – this is what you’d hear

Next up is the sinister “Until I Die” by Syndrome. With what I can only describe as a Jack In The Box melody mixed into this dark instrumental, if you ever needed a soundtrack to some creepy goings-on then this is it

It’s not often we have a pop instrumental come through the RoundUp, but Mavrickpopbeats’ “Long Beach” is well worth it’s spot here. It pours out the good vibes, and – pop fan or not, you can’t help but enjoy this #topbeat!

SkyyBox Music’s recently uploaded beat “Hold Me Down” is next. The spacey and sci-fi-esque sounds in this instrumental make for an interesting listen and are sure to inspire you if you’re looking to create something unique

And we end the RoundUp as we did the week, with Supamariobeatz’ smooooth “Callin On My Phone“. This catchy instrumental will have you singing along all the way through and even after it’s finished! Check it out

Beastly Beats and SkyyBox Music share the featured spot on Soundcloud this week

Beastly beats also makes it onto the Youtube Most Popular playlist, with Syndrome, who also enters the Soundcloud Most Popular playlist, this time with Mavrickpopbeats

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By Ellis | December 13th, 2016 | The #topbeat RoundUp 12/12/16