We’re kicking off the RoundUp with JBreezz’s “Promiscuous“. This is not your conventional instrumental – which is a good thing. Beats like this always stand out from the crowd, which is hard to do these days, so credit to JBreezz for doing something a little different

Next we have Magic Beats and “Nobody” w/Hook. Sounding like a top 40 radio hit, this pop beat is a second #topbeat from Magic Beats. It’s about as smooth as they come, with a hook to match. I highly recommend you check this one out

Depo is carrying on the chilled vibe with this #topbeat “Masterpiece“. With a super laid back feel and an old school flavour to it, whether you need to get the day off to a good start, or you need to relax at the end of the day, this’ll do the job

Now, it’s JuanInstrumentals and the spacey, mysterious “Focused“. JuanInstrumentals has been a top selling producer on myFlashStore for a long time now, and this #topbeat is long overdue, so check it out!

And we end with Jurd Beats’ super soulful “Lost Soul“. You know those memes of “that face you make…”? (I’m thinking of the Bill Cosby one rn). This is the beat that does it. That guitar hits all the right spots, and it’s no surprise it’s the number one most played beat this week on our Soundcloud channel

Jurd Beats is joined by Magic Beats on the Soundcloud Most Popular playlist this week. And Magic beats joins the Youtube Most Popular, with Jauninstrumentals!

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