The #topbeat RoundUp 13/03/17

LexStar kicks off the RoundUp with the suave “Purple City“. This is LexStar’s first #topbeat, and if he keeps composing heat like this, I’m sure there will be more to come. A great way to start the RoundUp!

Paupa has been floating round the top 100 producers chart for a long time now and a #topbeat was long overdue. Our pick was “Shooters“, but it could’ve been one of many – check out the full catalogue to hear for yourself

Next up is Tre Richmond with “Sinner“. Like an angry hound, this beat will not stop growling at you until you step away from it. Unlike an angry hound, however, you won’t want to step away from this banger. Check it out!

Blanq Beatz’ second #topbeat – “Too Much” is an emotional one, so if you got some feelings to unleash, grab a pen + paper, because this is the one for you. And if not, give it a listen anyway, as it’s a top quality instrumental

And we end with the super smooth “6“, prod by STRIX. One of our featured tracks on Soundcloud, just when you think this instrumental can’t get any more stylish, out comes the electric guitar to give it that little extra flair. Well worth a listen

Paupa is the only producer to make it onto the Soundcloud Most Popular playlist this week

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By Ellis | March 13th, 2017 | The #topbeat RoundUp 13/03/17